Custom Bike Racks

Custom Bike Racks

Custom Bike Racks from The Park Catalog lets you express yourself! Does your property, district or city have a unique character? Creative bike rack designs can differentiate your space and reinforce your unique market positioning. We have many themed custom bike racks to choose from. Or you can suggest one and we can help you design it. then The Park Catalog will build it for you.

Are you looking to create a buzz about your food or drink establishment? These are not just bike racks, they are calling cards for your establishment, and they are public art too. Get noticed. Stand out from the sea of competitors. Here are just a few themed bike racks designs and ideas that can help. WE CAN INCORPORATE YOUR LOGO INTO THE DESIGN.

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4 Item(s)

Custom bike racks attract attention

Custom bike racks and artistic bike racks are surefire ways to bring in more customers and gain more awareness for any town, park, business or organization. Currently, bicycling is more popular than ever. There are an estimated 66 million bike riders in the US. More and more people are hopping on bikes for exercise, trips to the store and commutes to work. The next largest generation to take the forefront, Millennials, say they prefer bicycling over driving.

Therefore, you want to be sure custom bike racks are included in your marketing and branding plans. With new advances in technology, there is an incredible amount of creativity you can use when designing your own custom bike parking rack. For example, you can choose from any shape you want to match your entity. Does a coffee shop prefer a bike rack in the shape of a coffee cup? It can be done.

Pizza, cupcakes, flowers, bananas, cocktails, dinosaurs, you name it and we can build it. All commercial bike racks come in vibrant colors and weather-resistant powder-coated or thermoplastic finishes. In fact, we can even create custom bike racks in the shape of bicycles. What better way to show your customers that your town or business is bicycle friendly with these artistic bike racks?

Plus, studies show that if the bicycling consumer has easy access to your business, they will spend more per month than the average motorist. Placing a custom bike rack in front of a business is an instant way to increase customers and awareness.

Another way to display custom bike racks is with a logo or message outdoor bike rack. We can laser cut any logo, image or lettering into a plate that is part of a bicycle parking rack. Think about the benefit – this mini-billboard will be on display 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

According to the Outdoor Advertising Association of America, street furniture is still one of the most effective forms of advertising today. It’s up front, personal and can’t be clicked away. Place custom bike racks in front of a business for branding. Distribute them about town to increase top of mind awareness. All you need is a concept or even just an idea. We have a team of graphic artists who can create customized sample layouts for you.

Hop on the bicycling trend. Contact our knowledgeable staff about the many options available to you to create attention-getting custom bike racks or artistic bike racks. Remember you can order custom bike racks in literally any design - from slices of pizza to cups of coffee or laser-cut designs of your own. One thing is certain - these custom bike racks will catch people's attention.