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Dog and pet waste stations and pet waste receptacles from The Park Catalog are an effective way to keep your parks and open spaces clean. With prominently-displayed signs, the pet waste stations encourage owners to pick up after their pets. There is also a handy dispenser of dog poop disposal bags with instructions and then a receptacle with lid for easy disposal. Signage reminds people that pet waste transmits disease and to keep the area clean. You can also choose from a variety of waste removal options including stand-alone dispensers for dog waste bags or sturdy pet waste receptacles with stainless steel lids. There are nearly 70 million dogs in the US. Be sure you provide adequate dog waste stations.

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21 Item(s)

Use dog waste stations, pet waste receptacles and dog poop disposal bags to avoid hazards

Dog waste stations, dog poop disposal bags and past waste receptables in great numbers are a must for any park or open area because the number of dogs in America is immense. It is estimated that 37%-47% of all US households own a dog which amounts to 70-80 million canines. Yet, research shows only about 40% of dog owners actually pick up their pet waste. Many don’t know the proper technique.

Keep your park or open space pristine and desirable by adding a suitable number of dog waste stations and pet waste receptacles in convenient areas, especially entrance ways, so owners get the message immediately. With The Park Catalog dog waste stations for sale, you can include clearly posted instructions on how to properly dispose pet waste. The signs are bright, reflective aluminum and the dog poop disposal bags are heavy duty and dependable. A multi-purpose telescoping post can be adjusted from 4 feet to 8 feet. More than half of American homes now own a dog, so it is critical that a property manager has an adequate number of dog waste stations available to accommodate this enormous number of pets.

There are several pet waste products for you to choose ranging from dog poop disposal bag dispensers to pet waste receptacles. Stepping in dog waste is not only an unpleasant experience, but also a hazard for many people who slip and fall. In addition to the bad odor caused by dog waste, it also creates a health hazard. If you are a park or property manager you can avoid these situations by contacting our knowledgeable staff on how to select the right, heavy-duty, commercial-grade dog waste stationspet waste receptables and dog poop disposal bags from The Park Catalog.