Fiberglass Planters

Fiberglass Planters are highly versatile. They are lightweight and extremely durable, making them a popular choice in landscape design. We offer fiberglass planters in a wide variety of styles, sizes, and color options. We even offer some of them with different finishes (e.g. matte, glossy, or faux stone). Let the experts at The Park Catalog help you with all your planter needs, call us at 800-695-3503, we'll also be happy to manufacture or custom source a planter to your specific specifications.

12 Item(s)

12 Item(s)

Fiberglass planters provide many benefits as site decorations

Fiberglass planters offer several advantages over their clay and stone counterparts. First, fiberglass is an amazing material. This man-made product is used today to make a variety of products from ships to pipes to surfboards and even for the manufacturing of homes. Fiberglass planters are lightweight, as much as 25 times lighter than concrete and easy to move. Yet the material is extremely durable and hard to break. Because fiberglass planters are excellent for retaining moisture, they are ideal to keep plants and flowers watered at commercial locations. The material is also resistant to mold and virtually maintenance-free.

At the Park Catalog, we offer a tremendous selection of commercial-grade fiberglass planters in all shapes, sizes and colors. Because this is an inexpensive material, site managers can choose from an extensive selection of decorative styles that will enhance any outdoor or indoor space. They can also select a style that matches the architecture and appearance of their buildings.

Choose from classic designs or more contemporary designs. For this product, there is a large array of exciting colors available such as Hunter Green, Paprika, Candy Apple, Cinnamon, Garnet, Multi-Spec Greystone, Copper Metal and Bronze Metal. Finishes range from smooth or textured matte and gloss. Or go with a stone look that features a rough or smooth finish. Our fiberglass planters can be also purchased with or without drainage holes.

Site managers, landscape architects and building contractors will be sure to find the perfect fiberglass pproducts for their project at The Park Catalog. Contact our expert staff to guide you in your search and to provide you with some of the most competitive prices for superiorly-built fiberglass planters available on the market today.