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ParkExpress Program Terms


Orders received by 2:00PM Eastern will ship within published ParkExpress program lead times. Orders received after 2:00PM will ship 1 business day later.


ParkExpress program quantities are four (4) or less of any individual ParkExpress product. Quantities greater than four (4) may still be able to ship within published lead times, but will require review and approval. Please call the sales department 888-447-2401 option 1, or email to identify lead times of four (4) or more of any given product.

Orders including ParkExpress products combined with non-ParkExpress products will not ship within ParkExpress lead times.

Orders including products in colors not offered as part of the ParkExpress program, or included along with ParkExpress products on the same order, will ship within standard lead times. Only orders including exclusively ParkExpress products are eligible to ship within ParkExpress program lead times.


Orders from tax-supported institutions (federal/state/municipal, parks, schools, etc.) are automatically extended standard 30-day payment terms; as are orders from companies previously extended credit, subject to credit review for timeliness of payments and adherence to previously established credit terms and limits. All other customers will be required to (A) make payment with credit card, check or wire transfer, or (B) submit an application for credit. Orders will only ship within ParkExpress program lead times once credit has been established and/or payment received.


For ORDERS NOT YET PLACED, please direct product questions or inquiries of any program terms to the sales department at 888-447-2401 option 1, or email

For ORDERS ALREADY PLACED, please direct inquiries concerning order status, lead times, freight claims or product issues to the customer service department at 888-447-2401 option 2, or email

ParkExpress Commercial Site Furnishings

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8 Item(s)

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