Powder Coated Steel Picnic Tables

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3 Item(s)
Metal picnic tables are a smart choice for the outdoors

Vibrant metal picnic tables can be an appealing addition to any location and offer a long-lasting alternative to wooden picnic tables. These products are solidly-built and then coated with finishes that endure the elements whether it’s cold, snow, rain or heat. They also don’t deteriorate like wood and are resistant to insects and mold. Plus they are practically maintenance-free and no problem to clean.

What’s impressive with The Park Catalog inventory of metal picnic tables is the range of beautiful colors that will liven up any open space. Those choices include Aero Yellow, Bay Fog, Gray Mini-Tex, Post Office Blue, Brown Derby, Bike Black, Spartan Bronze, Burgundy, Evergreen, Little Red Wagon, Pro Green, Rapid Tan and Silver Gray.

Some manufacturers weld their tables with continuous seams that integrate with the metal to strongly bond the pieces together so it’s virtually impossible to separate. This practice also eliminates openings and deters rust plus rotting or deterioration.

Mill scale is sandblasted from the steel. Iron phosphate is applied to stop corrosion. And then on top of that, a powder coat is electrostatically-applied and oven-cured. This attention to detail creates one of the finest and toughest finishes available anywhere. Metal picnic tables come in shapes that are round, square and rectangular and will fit any venue's style or space. Also available are steel strap metal tables that display a classic look, yet are rugged in construction.

These products can be left standing freely or secured with surface or in-ground mounts.

Our selection of hand-picked quality tables is perfect for any outside or inside location including restaurants, hotels, parks or other facilities. Whatever your preference, with The Park Catalog, you will be sure to find a sturdy metal picnic table that provides an enjoyable place for people to gather but requires little if any maintenance and lasts practically forever.