Speed Bumps

Speed bumps and speed humps from The Park Catalog are sure to provide you with a reliable traffic calming device that will resist the elements and not cause damage to tires or cars. Our eco-friendly speed bumps for sale are made with recycled rubber and come in lengths up to 30 feet. They are easily installed with light tools and can be anchored permanently or removed for storage. The Park Catalog provides only heavy-duty, commercial grade speed bumps – you can be assured they won’t rot, warp, chip or crack. Note: We have speed bumps for sale in stock that we can ship in just 3 days.

7 Item(s)

7 Item(s)

Did you know this about speed bumps?

Speed bumps in England are also known as “sleeping policemen” and they do the job of law enforcement by slowing down speeders whether they are driving on a street or through a parking lot. You can achieve this traffic calming in your park, business, school or neighborhood with rugged and durable speed bumps from The Park Catalog.

Our speed bumps restrict drivers to generally 5-10 mph. To allow slightly faster traffic flow, consider one of our speed humps which limit drivers to speeds in the 10-15 mph range. Another key element we offer with our products is the reflective properties of our traffic calming devices to ensure motorists have sufficient time to slow down at night.

Speeds bumps from The Park Catalog are easy to install and easy to relocate. They can be anchored in concrete or asphalt and can be removed in the winter snow season to allow for snow plows.

If you are looking for great pricing, call one of our helpful representatives for competitive quotes and free shipping specials. Our site safety professionals will be glad to offer assistance on which one of our speed bumps is appropriate for your specific needs.