U Style Bike Racks

U-Shaped Bike Racks

Heavy duty U-Style or Inverted U Shaped Bike Racks are our all-time customer favorites when it comes to commercial bike racks. Though small, these racks can solidly lock up to three bikes to its steel frame. These U bike racks look fantastic in a straight row positioned side by side and offer solid stability for bicycle parking. Get your U-shaped, loop bike racks in up to 10 colors or request quick shipment and we can get black or galvanized inverted U bike racks out the door in just two days.

24 Item(s)

24 Item(s)

Inverted U Shaped Bike Racks

When it comes to offering stable bicycle parking racks, Inverted U Shaped Bike Racks are one of the most popular choices. This simple design offers stability at two places and reliably supports a bicycle upright. The best  and most reliable method for locking a bicycle to Inverted U Bike Racks (also known as U Bike Racks or Loop Bike Racks) is with a U-shaped lock. These racks can accommodate multiple bicycles when placed in a row spaced evenly apart.

With The Park Catalog Inverted U Bike Racks, you can be sure you are purchasing a product made with superior, commercial-grade materials. Our heavy-duty U-Bike Racks are made with prime 2 3/8” OD steel. The metal is then finished in a powder coat that is sprayed and then baked onto the surface for durability. Choose from 10 attractive colors – black, navy, red, yellow, tan, green and other options. Or, you can choose a straight galvanized finish. A third option is to add a Seal Guard coating that is one of the toughest finishes out there and will not peel, crack, flake, chip or corrode. Mounts are available in both surface or in-ground.

Need bike racks fast? With Inverted U Bike Racks from The Park Catalog, we can ship these bicycle parking racks in just THREE days, which is unique in the industry. Give us a call. Our experts will help you with your questions and get you the Inverted U Shaped Bike Racks you need at a competitive price.