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Value Turf

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Value Turf

Our Value Turf offers the perfect balance between cost and quality. This turf is thick and rich and provides a uniform and wrinkle-free appearance. With its black marine backing our Value Turf may be used indoors and outdoors and will not shrink when wet.

We recommend Value Turf for applications where a higher quality feel is required and where the customer is more demanding.

Installing on Plywood Floor or Alpha Deck, Bil-Jax panels with 4’x 4plywood – Roll 12wide roll out onto surface. Two guys using a ‘tentpole through the core allows the turf to roll easily and quickly out to the desired length. Easy to cut with carpet knife at whatever length you need – for example 12’x60– cut at length.

If you can staple – using staple hammers – just gently stretch the turf and staple down onto the plywood flooring – do not overstretch the material so you will not incur ripples in the turf

Lay out additional rows of turf – staple to plywood floor and then use 3” duct tape on top at the seams.

For instance if you are covering a 40x60Tent Plywood Floor - roll out 3 rows of 12’x60and one row of 4’x60– again it is easy to cut to fit. Then duct tape on top at the seams at each 12seam

Installing on Asphalt – roll out the turf the same way. Get permission from client to hammer 6” asphalt nails (easy to purchase at Home Depot) around the perimeter of the rows. Again do not overstretch the turf. Place enough nails to hold the turf in place and do not over-use the nails. You can hammer sporadic 6” nails at the seam points – close to the seam about 1” inside the seam and then cover the seam and the few nails with the 3” Duct Tape.

Concrete, hard surfaces, etc. where you cannot staple or nail – use 3” double sided tape underneath the turf rows at seams and around the perimeter edges. Use 3” Duct Tape on top at the seams to hold seams together.

On Grass – use 6” Turf Nails (purchase at Home Depot) and insert nails just like you would on Asphalt – around the perimeter edges and a few nails at the seams making sure that the nails are driven down to the base of the turf – cover the perimeter edges and seams again with 3” duct tape. Want to be watchful of any nails pulling out of the earth as those can become tripping hazards. Tent companies should already know this from experience.


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