Aluminum Picnic Tables

Aluminum Picnic Tables are an ideal choice for any climate, but are particularly well suited for harsher environments. Aluminum is economical, abundant, recyclable and will prove to be much more resistant to corrosion than other materials. We have seen a growing trend in the use of our aluminum picnic tables in parks, quite simply because they are extremely low maintenance, long lived, and 100% American made!

6 Item(s)

6 Item(s)

Aluminum picnic tables have several advantages

Aluminum is basically a super metal and creates incredible and durable aluminum picnic tables. This metal is the most abundant element in the earth’s crust and the third most abundant element of all.

Mixed with alloys, aluminum is an amazing material because it is strong yet lightweight. The surface is essentially corrosion-free and easy to maintain. This metal is also one of the most recycled materials on the planet.

At The Park Catalog, we supply commercial aluminum picnic tables made with the finest materials. The table tops and planks are hot dipped galvanized and this anodized finish can survive even the harshest environments. End caps are also heavy-duty and made to last.

We have a great selection and variety of aluminum picnic tables to choose from. Lengths vary from 6 feet to 15 feet. If you are looking for a picnic table with a surface that pops, choose from a variety of colors from verde green, royal blue, sunset orange or marigold yellow. We even have versions that resemble wooden picnic tables but obviously last longer and won’t splinter or fade.

If you need ADA compliant aluminum picnic tables, we provide those as well – either double sided or single sided. We also have collapsible picnic tables that fold down to just four inches in height.

Don’t leave the kids out. See our selection of sturdy children’s aluminum picnic tables.

Our aluminum picnic table is easy to assemble and because it is lightweight, costs less to ship than other types of picnic tables. What’s even better, is if you are in a rush, we have several products that can be shipped through our ParkExpress program in just three days.

The Park Catalog has supplied commercial-grade, reliable metal picnic tables to parks, schools, shopping centers, theme parks, zoos and other entities for more than a decade. You can count on us for quality and dependability. Call today and our helpful staff will help you select the aluminum picnic tables that best suit your location.

Note: If you need an aluminum picnic table quickly, with our ParkExpress program we warehouse our most popular aluminum picnic tables and can ship them in as little as 3 days!