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The Park Catalog offers the widest variety of windscreens for every conceivable use. Sports windscreens, consisting mainly of tennis court windscreens and baseball windscreens, are important not just in reducing wind, but in aiding in the visibility of the ball. Construction windscreens certainly can be functional in minimizing the eye sore of a building project or renovation and in hiding valuable construction equipment from sight. With block lettering, windscreens can also be used as a form of brand promotion or as a sponsorship opportunity. The Park Catalog offers a variety of quality windscreens, both open and closed mesh, knitted or PVC coated, to meet the needs of your facility.

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Windscreens offer many benefits

If you are a park manager or facility manager, be sure to consider adding windscreens from The Park Catalog to your site for a number of reasons. First of all, windscreens are great for privacy. If you have a country club, golf course, pool area, children’s area or common area that you would prefer to keep out of the public eye, you can simply add a windscreen to limit visibility. Secondly, windscreens are great as their name denotes, to limit the effects of the wind. There are two basic options in this regard. With open mesh windscreens, about 70% of the wind is blocked, allowing visibility and some air flow. With closed mesh windscreens, about 90% or more of the wind is blocked and visibility is virtually zero. However, you must be careful when using closed mesh windscreens in windy areas because the force of the restricted wind could actually damage the fencing.

Another popular use is for construction windscreens. Anytime you have a building or renovation project taking place, it is a smart idea to hide the work area from the general public, guests or visitors. This accomplishes two purposes, one is to avoid showing the unsightly eye sore of a construction project in progress. Another important function is to restrict access to the construction project and equipment itself.

The Park Catalog also offers custom block lettering for windscreens. There are many advantages to adding lettering to any windscreen. First, it’s a great way to promote your organization or brand name to the public. Displaying your logo and name in large letters on a windscreen shows pride in your organization. Another strategy is to sell sponsorship space on windscreens. Sports marketing is big business. You can do the same on a local level to offset costs for aluminum bleachers, baseball fields, tennis courts, etc. by selling space on a windscreen to a sponsor. They will welcome the visibility and goodwill they can generate for their business with the community.

Windscreens from The Park Catalog come in a variety of colors. While verde green and black are considered the standards, especially when used in tennis courts or baseball fields, there are other options available for privacy screens including yellow, blue, red and orange.  If you need extra protection against the elements, especially in sunny areas, consider PVC coated windscreens. Call the experts at The Park Catalog to assist you in choosing the right commercial-grade windscreens at competitive prices for your particular needs.