Fiberglass Trash Receptacles

42 Item(s)

42 Item(s)

Fiberglass trash receptacles are elegant, lightweight and colorful

The first quality you will notice about fiberglass trash receptacles offered by The Park Catalog is their distinctive appearance. These sturdy products look similar to concrete trash receptacles, but are more polished and refined in appearance.

Fiberglass fabrication gives you much more flexibility in terms of colors. With The Park Catalog product line, you can choose from 37 different vibrant colors. Those colors range from the standards such as white, blue and black or you can designate more exotic colors such as emerald, candy apple, earth red, calypso, Russian sky, paprika, peach, plum rosewood, teal, violet and others.

Another option available covers the types of finishes – smooth matte, smooth gloss, textured matte, textured gloss, rough stone or smooth stone.

The real advantage of fiberglass trash cans has to do with their light weight. While these products are stronger and more durable than concrete, they are less than two/thirds the weight of concrete trash cans. The first benefit will be in shipping, where facility managers will realize a substantial savings in freight. The second benefit is in maneuverability, where managers are able to move the fiberglass trash receptacles to different locations.

We have sizes that range from 18 gallons to 50 gallons. Some fiberglass trash receptacles also come with ash trash features which can alleviate the eyesore from discarded cigarettes, the No. 1 source of litter.

If you really want to get creative, view our selection of decorative fiberglass trash receptacles. These commercial trash cans are available in a variety of aesthetically-pleasing shapes and designs that will complement any location and are a tasteful addition to your facility.

Since we offer a large amount of fiberglass trash cans, feel free to call our knowledgeable staff to help you. With The Park Catalog, you can be sure you will be ordering a commercial-grade trash receptacle that follows strict manufacturing standards for quality.