Smoking Shelters & Bus Shelters

Smoking Shelters and Bus Shelters

Smoking shelters and bus shelters are a great way to shield people from the elements and position them in designated areas. The Park Catalog has bus stop shelters or smoking shelters to fit your budget and needs. Our models come with flat roofs, dome roofs, safety glass panels and options for a bench. We offer our customers a high-quality bus shelters or smoking shelters that is easy to assemble and low in maintenance.

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12 Item(s)

Smoking shelters and bus shelters are a necessary part of the landscape

Smoking shelters and bus shelters are a welcome site for many people and should be a part of any commercial site, school, university, multi-family housing complex or office area. The Park Catalog offers bus stop shelters for sale and outside smoking shelters for sale at competitive prices while at the same time providing safe, attractive structures that are a welcome addition to any environment.

Bus stops are a part of American culture. Forrest Gump sat at one for his famous “box of chocolates” scene. But the process of adding a bus or smoking shelter from The Park Catalog is not a big production. Bus shelters and smoking shelters from our company can be assembled by two people in less than a day. They are also ADA compliant and enclosed with safety glass. Consider our new line of aluminium shelters that are rust-resistant and can withstand the elements and salt from roadways. Acrylic domes let in light while still protecting the occupants from rain, snow and heat. Gutters protect bus riders and smokers as well.

For assistance in choosing the right bus shelters or smoking shelters for your particular needs at an affordable price, talk to one of our helpful representatives today.