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Wave Bike Racks

Wave bike racks take up less space but offer the room to park and lock several bikes. They look great around entryways, parks, corporate offices and shopping centers. Commercial wave bike racks are not only for bike storage. They will brighten any location no matter the surroundings. These wave bike racks are made out of commercial quality steel built to resist bike theft and normal wear and tear.

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39 Item(s)

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Catch a wave! The most popular trend in commercial bike racks today is the proliferation of wave bike racks. Why? They have a sleek contemporary design, are scalable in size from 3 bikes to 21 bikes, come in a variety of colors and coatings and offer features and price points that are appropriate for just about any type of facility.

Things to consider when purchasing a wave bike rack are: 1. Mounting options - surface or in-ground; 2. Tube Shape – Square (most secure) or round; 3. Coating – Thermoplastic and PVC are most protective of bike paint when it rubs against the rack. Powder coated is most popular and versatile. Choose any color on the RAL chart and match your facility’s color scheme. 4. Tube Diameter - Heavy Duty is 2 3/8” OD pipe and is recommended for public settings, campuses and retail locations. 1 5/8” is sufficient for areas where security is less of a concern such as multifamily complexes and HOAs.

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Wave bike racks are the bicycle parking racks of choice today. Call the knowledgeable staff at The Park Catalog to help with your selection and our competitive pricing.