Crowd Control Barricades

Traffic barricades and other safety plastic barriers from The Park Catalog are an effective way to control traffic and crowds, divert vehicles and keep people away from dangers or hazards. You will find a selection of different traffic barriers from a high impact folding all plastic barrier to an engineer grade striped sheeting plasticade. Whatever your preferences for traffic control, we can provide products that are highly visible, easy to position and durable.

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9 Item(s)

Do you know where traffic barricades started?

Traffic barricades are designed to be temporary control devices to help people and drivers stay away from hazards or to point them in a new direction The word barricade actually comes from the French word “barrique” which was first adopted as a military term.

One key component of traffic barriers is their reflectivity. They must be highly visible during the daytime but more so at nighttime when obstructions or changes in roadways or parking lots are difficult to see. There are several reflective grades and visibility distances to consider – Engineer Grade, Hi Intensity/Hi Performance Grade and Diamond Grade which is considered the highest reflective level. Each grade is deployed for different situations whether it is a low-speed side street in a suburb or a multi-lane highway entering a major city.

Some traffic barriers come with stabilization options where they are water-filled barriers or sand-filled barriers or barriers where bottom panels are included so you can add a sandbag. Flashing yellow lights are optional on several of our products.

They key to controlling motorists is to be sure you have more than enough traffic barricades to send a clear signal to drivers that an critical change in navigation is approaching. Similar techniques can be used for crowd control as well. Pedestrians need to be presented with a clear and distinguishable message on which direction they are to walk and which areas they are to avoid. A movable plastic barrier is handy for this situation.

To assist you with your all your questions about traffic barricades, our helpful outdoor safety professionals will be glad to help you find the right product that meets your particular traffic control needs.