Bike Rooms

When it comes to Bike Rooms, the expert staff at The Park and Facilities Catalog is ready to assist you with planning and layouts to make your room a successful one. We can provide you with a full array of CAD files, Sketchup files and other architectural resources and products. For the most efficient bike storage, The Park Catalog offers high-density vertical bikes racks, including freestanding bike racks and wall-mounted bike racks, that will help you maximize the number of bicycles you can accommodate in a limited space. We also have appealing bike room amenities such as bike repair stations, wash stations, bike lockers and signage that all bicyclists will appreciate.

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14 Item(s)

Bike Rooms Resource Pages

For more information, go to our Guide to Bike Rooms.

There you will find background information on the growing popularity of bike rooms, how more municipal zoning ordinances require bike rooms and the elements that are necessary for effective bike rooms.

You can go here to view our infographic on How to Design A Better Bike Room

That page provides illustrations on various bike room amenities, how to use a combination of vertical bike racks and high-density bike docks, bike lockers, a bike repair station, bike lockers and bike signage. You will also find several common mistakes to avoid when building a bike room and spatial requirements such as aisle widths and ceiling heights for wall mount bike racks.