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Bike Storage and Bike Lockers

Providing bike lockers to any facility or workplace is a great storage amenity for bicycle riders who are concerned about theft, vandalism and weather. The high-grade bike lockers for sale from The Park Catalog are manufactured with a sturdy fiberglass plastic composite that is resistant to UV rays and graffiti. These bike lockers also come in various shapes – standard, pie shaped or larger for two bikes. They can be stackable and are available in a number of attractive colors from tan to grey. Make the right choice for students, customers or employees and offer them secure bike storage for their bicycles with bike lockers from The Park Catalog.

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2 Item(s)

Bike lockers can prevent disappointing theft of bicycles

Bike lockers may be a necessity in your area. According to the FBI, there are some 250,000 bicycles reported stolen in the US every year. But experts say most bike thefts go unreported and some estimate there could be as many as 1 million bicycle thefts each year.

They also estimate that nearly every bicycle rider will experience the theft of their prized bikes once in their lifetime. If you are the site manager for a student residence, office building or other areas frequented by people on their bicycles, consider the bike storage lockers from The Park Catalog.

Not only are bikes frequently stolen, but there is a huge occurrence of the theft of bicycles parts. Seats and wheels are also the targets of thieves and difficult to prevent unless the bike is secured properly or placed in a bike storage locker.

Another concern for bicycles riders is casual vandalism. No one wants to spend from $400 to $4000 on a brand new bicycle and then have someone damage the bike for no apparent reason. Nor do they want to subject their bicycles to harsh weather conditions which can cause substantial wear and tear. Bike lockers are perfect for outdoor bicycle storage.

The Park Catalog has a number of bike lockers for sale in a variety of shapes and colors to address the needs of bicycled riders. Call our knowledgeable staff for assistance in choosing the bike locker that meets your needs and is a welcome addition to your site for bicycle owners. Note: many municipalities and apartment buildings are now using bike lockers as a new source of revenue by charging a monthly fee.