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Traffic Control and Parking Lot Supplies

The Park Catalog offers a wide array of parking lot supplies, parking stops, rubber speed bumps, loading dock bumpers, traffic control barricades and barriers, traffic delineators, traffic cones and more. Traffic calming is important in public parking lots and in streets of residential neighborhoods. Put safety first with parking lot supplies and equipment from The Park Catalog.

20 Item(s)

20 Item(s)

Parking lot supplies including speed bumps for sale helps control traffic and prevent injuries

Parking lot supplies including speed bumps for sale and other parking lot equipment can help you make your roadways, parking areas and garages safer with a few simple strategies. And you will need them because AAA reports that 14% of all vehicle collisions that result in damages happen in parking lots. According to the National Highway Transportation and Safety Administration, about 9,000 pedestrians are either injured or killed in parking lots and garages annually from backovers and other accidents.

The Park Catalog can help you gain more control over motorists and pedestrians with our vast selection of traffic control devices. These devices and other parking lot supplies include parking stops, rubber speed bumps, plastic speed bumps, speed humps, barricades, bollards, bumpers, barriers, delineators, parking lot signs, cable protectors, wheel chocks and wheel stops. We offer high-grade commercial products that are durable, resistant to moisture, oil and UV light and will not warp, crack or rot. Many products also come with a choice of various reflective grades depending on DOT specifications for your situation. Check out our variety of sturdy speed bumps for sale.

There are numerous hazards which can take place in parking areas. Most of them are caused by drivers who either drive too fast, don’t pay attention or are more focused on pulling in or out of a parking space than they are on pedestrians or other vehicles. Unfortunately, property owners have a legal duty to make sure their parking areas are safe. This is where adding traffic control devices such as speed bumps, barricades, cones and signage can control cars and people. Using these parking lot supplies also shows that the owner has taken reasonable measures to prevent incidents from occurring.

Drivers are not the only danger. Site managers can place traffic control devices to steer people away from potholes, leaked and slippery oil patches, weather conditions such as ice, snow and rain and damaged or cracked wheel stops.

Be sure to consult the experts at The Park Catalog to assist you with all your needs for parking lot supplies and traffic control devices or speed bumps. They can help you keep your parking areas free of injuries and collisions.

Note: If you need parking lot supplies quickly, call our knowledgeable staff today. With our ParkExpress program we can quick ship some traffic control items in just 3 days.