Concrete Picnic Tables

Our 40 different concrete picnic tables are stylish, long lasting, theft resistant and easy to maintain. These tables are particularly well suited to Sunbelt and seaside climates. Constructed of solid, steel-reinforced concrete that meets ASTM specifications, each table is permanently colored with inorganic pigments and protected with an acrylic sealer. Choose from a broad selection of colors, shapes and sizes. Concrete picnic tables are a great commercial product and a natural deterrent against vandalism and theft due to weight, strength, lack of scrap value when compared to metal tables. These tables can last decades.

31 Item(s)

31 Item(s)

Choose from a large variety of concrete picnic tables

If you are in need of sturdy, theft-resistant concrete picnic tables then The Park Catalog is the right place to look. Since 2001, we have offered a large selection of high-grade, high-quality concrete picnic tables to parks, schools, restaurants, fast food establishments, theme parks, stadiums and other facilities around the country. You can count on the quality as our concrete picnic tables are Made in the USA.

We have an incredible variety of sizes – from 66 inches in diameter to 91 inches. You can choose square, rectangular, oval, round and even octagonal shaped designs. For rectangular concrete picnic tables, the sizes vary from 6, 7, or 8 foot lengths. (Note: Some people refer to these tables as cement picnic tables, but the proper term is concrete).

Our concrete picnic tables are built with rugged, steel reinforced construction that makes them perfect for the outdoors and able to endure heavy use by the public. There also come with a variety of durable finishes that make our tables long-lasting and weather resistant. Those hardy finishes deter vandals and are very easy to maintain. The finish options come in smooth or sand-blasted with colors such as sand tan, light brown, dove gray or white.

You also have choices for attractive exposed aggregate designs in light brown, charcoal, sand tan, dove gray and terra cotta.
Seating comes in two or four seats. We also offer ADA seating-approved designs.

In addition to an all-concrete table, there are options to buy our picnic tables combined with different materials such as metal legs, thermoplastic-coated metal tops or wood planks in southern yellow pine or redwood. Options to add umbrellas holes are also available.

Because of their weight, arrangements must be made for forklifts to offload the products. Regardless of the final choice you make, you can be sure the concrete picnic tables offered by The Park Catalog are built with the strongest, sturdiest materials and manufactured with superb craftsmanship.