Recycling Receptacles

Recycling receptacles and recycling containers located in parks, downtown, shopping centers, office complexes and other areas provide a smart, “green” alternative for consumers who prefer to recycle their trash. At The Park Catalog, you can choose from a large variety of commercial recycling receptacles and recycling containers that are suitable for specific locations, indoor or outdoor. Our selection includes recycling containers manufactured with concrete, steel, recycled plastic lumber, plastic or a thermoplastic coating. Containers come in a large variety of attractive finishes and colors from sand-colored to teal. Also, the recycling receptacles are clearly labeled to encourage disposal in the right places.

29 Item(s)

29 Item(s)

Recycling receptacles successfully placed in downtown Cleveland

The City of Cleveland's Office of Sustainability recently purchased a large number of recycling receptacles from The Park Catalog and placed them in strategic areas downtown. Their goal was to provide this “green” option to consumers outside their homes and at the same time reduce the amount of trash that went to their landfill.

The program is a huge success and has generated tons of recyclable materials. To start, recycling containers were placed at various high-profile and highly-trafficked locations – Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Great Lakes Science Center, First Energy Stadium and near the famous West Side Market. When you make it easy for consumers to be eco-friendly by adding more recycling trash cans or bins, they will oblige. For office complexes, choose from our selection of high-grade commercial recycling bins.

Adding recycling receptacles and recycling containers to your area makes a statement that your municipality or company is environmentally-conscious. Reducing trash and reusing waste products helps to reduce landfill expansion, greenhouse gas emissions and the use of natural resources.

The Park Catalog has a team of helpful and knowledgeable experts who can help you select the right commercial-grade recycling receptacles and recycling containers for your particular needs. Call them and you will be impressed with our quality products and our low pricing.