Bollard Style Bike Racks

Bollard Bike Racks

These modern bollard bike racks feature an up-to-date design that is sure to complement any location. Our commercial bike bollards are forged out of high quality steel tubes. The product serves as both a bicycle parking rack and a bollard which can be used as a security or traffic control device. Space them apart to form a traffic barrier along sidewalks but be sure to leave room for bicycles. The Park Catalog offers a variety of attractive designs in a large array of eye-catching colors. This is one simple solution that serves many purposes for limited spaces and you can see why bike bollards are becoming a more popular alternative with retailers, office buildings and other facilities.

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7 Item(s)

Bike bollard provides bicycle parking racks combined with traffic control devices

One of the most practical ways to provide pedestrian safety and a secure way for bicyclists to lock their bikes is with a bike bollard from The Park Catalog.

Bollard bike racks are perfect for urban settings or locations where space is tight. The bollards first serve as traffic control devices – delineating where people can walk and where cars are not permitted.

They can also be used as security barriers in front of stores, restaurants or office buildings.

But now with the growing popularity of bicyclists, more bicycle parking racks are needed as well. This is where a bike bollard is the perfect solution. With our circle or triangle designs, bicyclists also have a place where they can secure their bicycles.

The bollard’s vertical design is perfect to keep bicycles upright and also makes it easy for someone to use a U-lock to secure the frame of their bicycle, making it less susceptible to theft. Park up to two bicycles on one bike bollard.

Another option is to customize a bike bollard. Add a nameplate for a business to sponsor bollard bike racks and help underwrite the cost. For private businesses, adding bicycle parking racks just makes good business sense. Bike riders will be attracted to your business if you provide parking. When you add commercial bike racks, in essence you are providing more parking spaces in front of your business for consumers, although these customers will be arriving by bicycle instead of automobile.

This is a perfect solution where downtowns are congested with vehicle traffic or where parking is difficult to find. Another option is to provide inverted U-bike racks which can serve as a type of bollard as well. These bike racks do not take up much space. But with their thick diameter piping offer a very secure way to lock up a bicycle compared to a grid rack which is for more temporary bicycle parking. However, be sure that wherever you place a bollard bike rack, you allow adequate passage for pedestrians or disabled residents in wheelchairs.

Choosing a bike bollard has a dual benefit for cities, towns, schools and businesses. For more information or assistance with bollard bike racks or any type of bicycle parking racks, feel free to call the experts at The Park Catalog.