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Buyer's Guide for Outdoor Ashtrays and Cigarette Receptacles

Quality outdoor ashtrays and cigarette receptacles will keep your area looking appealing and clean, making a great impression on visitors and patrons.

You may not even notice the litter around your landscape. But if you look down, you’re more likely than not to see the nasty remnants of used cigarettes.

The butts, filter material, and paper wrapper waste get trapped in all the nooks and crannies of our landscape.  They can be found all over walking paths, pushed into the street gutters, wedged in between the cracks of our sidewalks, and piled up around the back doors and designated smoking areas of businesses and office buildings.

It’s no coincidence then, that according to Keep America Beautiful, a non-profit steward of litter prevention in America, those cigarette butts are stomped out remainders of our country’s smoking habits and the leading cause of litter in our everyday environment.

Number one, as a matter of fact. Smoking urns, cigarette receptacles, and outdoor ashtrays, when located in the proper areas, will contain and reduce the amount of cigarette litter in your landscape.

cigarette butts Cigarette waste is the leading cause of litter.

Astronomical cigarette waste with tragic results

Cigarettes and related waste can reach astronomical proportions over a twelve-month period, to the tune of 27 billion butts a year.

But they’re not just disgusting to look at. While many are discarded while still lit with the thought that they will somehow self-extinguish, the fact is that carelessly discarded cigarette butts are still one of the leading causes of fires that result in death.

Cigarette butts also pose a threat to our environment and all that call it home.

The toxins in the used butts are a threat to all wildlife, including fish, birds, and all marine life that mistake the small, compact litter for food. Once ingested, the toxins remaining in the filters are released into the stomach, causing sickness and possible death.

The shape, size and compactness of the butts draw the interest of children and toddlers too, who may also mistake them for food products and put them in their mouths, or just pick them up to mimic the adult smoker.

If children ingest or even put them into their mouths, they can experience severe negative reactions, including nausea, vomiting, lethargy, and gagging.

There are solutions for controlling cigarette butt litter, and it can be as easy as giving the smokers a place to safely dispose of their butts that are near their designated smoking areas or near the places that which they choose to smoke, which will be evident by the amount of litter in the area.

By inspecting the locations of the cigarette litter, you can get a good idea of where the outdoor ashtrays and smoking urns are needed.

Proper disposal means providing outdoor ashtrays and cigarette receptacles made from quality, weather and fire resistant materials, such as high-density polyethylene, fiberglass, coated metal, or recycled materials including plastic and concrete.

The styles, shapes and sizes of smoking urns and outdoor ashtrays are numerous but generally fit into four basic types to fit your needs, the environment and landscape, color choices and special needs.

Types of cigarette receptacles and outdoor ashtrays  

cigarette receptacle Cigarette receptacle


  • Standard Smoking Urns. Standard outdoor smoking urns range from simple, covered, 6-gallon cans that serve as butt receptacles to heavy gauge, powder-coated, outdoor ashtrays featuring steel-cut exterior designs. The classic, traditional square and round shaped units can be placed where needed to encourage the smokers to dispose of their butts in an environmentally friendly way. Standard urns can be an aesthetically pleasing and functional choice for cigarette butt containment and disposal, with available finishes including concrete, steel, powder-coated steel, or with decorative patterns cut into the exterior of the smoking urn. Wall mounted outdoor ashtrays are the choice for space saving and low visibility cigarette butt containment. Standard cigarette receptacles and ashtrays are easy to use and maintain.





  • outside ashtray with sand top Outside ashtray with sand top

    Standard Smoking Urns With Sand. Standard outdoor ashtrays and smoking urns filled with sand offer all the benefits of the standard smoking urns, as well as a quick and easy way forsmokers to snuff out their cigarette butts before disposal. There is no worry that a cigarette butt will keep burning and possibly ignite something it comes in contact with. Rain hoods can be attached over the sand filled ashtrays, helping to keep the sand dry and cleanup easy. Additional landscape enhancing finishes include a natural stone or concrete, fiberglass, metal, powder coated metal, or even combinations of metal frames with stone panels forming the exterior.




smoking urns Smoking urns




Long Stem, Self-Extinguishing, Smoking Urns. These weather resistant, wide based urns, with slender upward reaching arms have openings in the top to accept cigarette butts andpartially smoked cigarettes. The butts then simply fall into the non-flammable, oxygen deprived, and self-extinguishing base. Long stem smoking urns range in capacity from smaller units for personal situations to larger, commercial urns to handle heavier, multi person use. They’re safe, easy to clean, and are odor and burn resistant. Colors are available to match your outside environment, including beige, terra cotta, or adobe. Additional colors, including black, pewter, and green can provide a more finished, fun, or dramatic look.




  • canopy top outside ashtrays Canopy top outside ashtrays



  • Canopy Top Ashtrays For The Top Of Your Trash Receptacles. By installing a standard, sand filled, or drop in ashtray on top of your outdoor trashcan, you can offer the dual functionality of a full use trash can with the availability of an outdoor ashtray all in one convenient location. The canopy tops are available in many designs to fit your needs, including open top, sand filled, and drop in ashtrays. Colors and shapes are available to fit many sizes and types of trashcans.



Outdoor smoking urns and outside ashtrays add convenience to reduce litter

Smokers need a designated area in which to smoke, and that means litter from cigarette butts is going to be a result.

You can make a difference and help control our number one litter problem by providing an adequate number of outdoor ashtrays, smoking urns, and cigarette receptacles around your facility for the disposal of cigarette litter.

By enhancing your area with environmentally friendly, aesthetically pleasing, cigarette receptacles and outside ashtrays installed around the designated smoking areas, or along the pathways, you will reduce our biggest source of litter while keeping your landscape clean, appealing, and inviting.

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