Recycled Plastic Picnic Tables

These environmentally friendly recycled plastic Picnic Tables are constructed with 100% recycled plastic materials. Whether it is a community park or a bustling school these durable Picnic Tables provide an attractive seating area. Recycled plastic Picnic Tables will not rot, warp, splinter or crack which increases their overall longevity ensuring they will look great for years to come. ADA Models are also available. You can't beat plastic tables when it comes to durability. Some of our recycled plastic Picnic Tables include 50-year warranties against rotting, decay or termites.

34 Item(s)

34 Item(s)

Recycled plastic picnic tables made with recycled scrap are eco-friendly

What better way is there for you to show your customers or park visitors that you are concerned about preserving the environment than with recycled plastic picnic tables manufactured with recyclable materials.

And plastic picnic tables are a great way for you to save money because they are extremely durable and unlike wooden tables, can withstand the elements outdoors for many years. They don’t splinter or rot. Repainting, staining or refinishing is not necessary.

Maintenance is very simple and can usually be achieved with just soap and water or power-washing if required. The recycled plastic picnic tables are impenetrable by insects. They are also an effective way to deter graffiti artists or prevent people from carving their names, etc., into your property.

Do you know the benefits of recycled plastic?

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, 32 million plastic waste tons were generated in 2012, about 12% of the total trash in the US. That translates into approximately 14 million tons of plastic from containers and packages, 11 million from durable items such as appliances and 7 million in non-durable goods such as cups or plates. Only 9% of the total plastic waste created by consumers in 2012 was recycled.

Our plastic picnic tables are made from top-grade recycled plastic that is mainly generated from milk jugs and water bottles. However, there are many added benefits to using recycled materials than the re-use of trash.

First, the more materials that are recycled, the less space is required for landfills. It is estimated that one ton of recycled plastic reduces seven cubic yards of landfills, which are continually expanding. Secondly, plastic is made from petroleum and recycled plastic picnic tables cut down on the need for this precious commodity. It is reported that the petroleum required for plastic manufacturing has a higher BTU (British Thermal  Unit) than coal.

Recycled plastic picnic tables can also be included in furniture for projects seeking LEED certification. Even if you are not applying for LEED points, adding plastic picnic tables with recycled content shows the community that you are eco-friendly and adds to your image as a “green-minded” facility, school or park.

We have several varieties of plastic picnic tables in hexagon, rectangular, square and round shapes. Some are wheelchair accessible and some come with a single pedestal. There are many sizes to choose from, 6-foot, 8-foot or other dimensions. The tables can be mounted in-ground or surface-mounted.

Whichever size of our superior plastic picnic tables you choose, you can be sure they will fit in perfectly with your natural surroundings while at the same time letting people know that you are doing your part to keep America green.