Park Benches Play An Iconic Role In Movies And Our Lives

park bench in the movie La La Land

When watching awards shows, it’s clear that there are so many factors that go into film-making: editing, cinematography, production design, directing, sound, makeup, music, park benches and many other factors are all necessary for the successful, tear-jerking films that we all love. Park benches? Sure. They are in plenty of hit movies. As writers and directors set the scene, many ... Read More »

Custom Bike Racks Used by Texas Group as a Strategy to Help Reduce Ozone Levels

ctair custom bike rack

Sometimes a bike parking rack is more than a place to lock a bicycle. In the case of the Central Texas Council of Governments, it’s one more step toward creating cleaner air in a seven-county area. With a grant from the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, the CTCOG recently purchased 60 custom bike racks from The Park and Facilities Catalog. ... Read More »

Metal Picnic Tables are Perfect for Outdoor Settings and Here are Five Reasons Why

metal picnic tables

  Spring is around the corner and it’s time to prepare the picnic tables. But as a facility manager, do you really want to spend all your time repairing and refinishing tables? And doing it over again next year? And the year after that? Consider metal picnic tables. Technological advances in manufacturing have produced tremendous improvements in the durability, appeal-ability ... Read More »

Guide to Earning LEED Credits for Bicycle Facilities such as Commercial Bike Racks and Bike Rooms

commercial bike racks

Did you know that you can earn LEED credits for  providing commercial bike racks at your facility? LEED is a highly recognized third-party verification program for green buildings—it stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. Its innovations are changing the way people think about planning and constructing buildings. According to the U.S. Green Building Council, an incredible 1.85 million ... Read More »