Wooden Benches Compliment Amazing “Sacred” Space Outside California Church

wooden benches

The members of St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church in Sebastopol, CA, wanted to create a special place outside their church where people of any faith would feel welcome to participate in everything from religious services and weddings, to concerts and poetry reading, sitting on wooden benches under a beautiful blue sky. But what they created is no ordinary place. St. Stephen’s ... Read More »

Camping Surges As An Activity And Why Quality Fire Rings Are Necessary for No-Worry Camping

fire rings

By Gerald Dlubala Campfires are a staple of a quality camping experience and commercial-grade fire rings are an essential part of any location that provides campfires. When contained within fire rings, campfires are a safe, aesthetically pleasing and functional part of our time spent outdoors. Here’s why. According to The Bureau of Land Management, people cause 80% of forest fires. ... Read More »

Why The Meek Companies Prefer Concrete Picnic Tables For Jacksonville Office Park

concrete picnic tables

Preparing for hurricanes, tornadoes, floods and other meteorological events can be nerve-wracking, but when you use concrete picnic tables, that’s one item you don’t have to worry about. And that is one reason why the Meek Companies decided to use concrete picnic tables from The Park and Facilities Catalog for an office park they manage in Jacksonville, Fla. When a ... Read More »

Bike Room Expert With The Park Catalog Named As Approved Provider For Continuing Education By American Institute of Architects – Sign Up To Earn CES Credit

bike room layout

  The Park and Facilities Catalog was recently accepted as an AIA CES Approved Provider by the American Institute of Architects for its course “How to Create a Successful, High-Density Bike Room.” “We are very pleased to receive this designation,” said Chris Luyet, Vice President and General Manager, “This enables us to help educate architects about best practices regarding bike ... Read More »