Study Of Park Benches In English Town Finds Interesting Results…And Ideas For Improvements

park benches

When was the last time your municipality conducted a study of their Park Benches? The city of Norwich in eastern England recently initiated a project to survey the location and condition of their park benches along with other factors. They came up with some results that surprised them. Here’s a quick overview of what they discovered: There were 412 park ... Read More »

See Our Handy Guide On Bike Rooms For Tips On Maximizing Bicycle Storage In Apartment Buildings

bike room

The Guide to Bike Rooms from The Park and Facilities Catalog is a handy overview on how to create an attractive indoor bike storage area. Why create a bike room in an apartment or office building? According to a recent survey of people in the multi-family construction business, right now bike rooms are a hot amenity. Multifamily Design and Construction ... Read More »

Custom Bike Racks Project Town Pride And Unique Identity

custom bike racks

Installing Custom Bike Racks with a town’s logo can be a way to reinforce pride in any municipality and provide adequate outdoor bicycle parking at the same time. Bellbrook is a beautiful city in southwest Ohio with a population of about 7,000 (according to the 2010 US Census). The town started back in 1816 and notable former residents include writer ... Read More »

For Labor Day – The Tremendous Impact Of Our National Parks On Employment And The Economy

national parks economy

This Labor Day as far as jobs and economic development are concerned, when there are attractions that draw more than 330 million visitors every year, there is going to be a major amount of money spent and jobs created. The attractions we are talking about are not Disneyland or Universal Theme Parks. They are our National Parks. National Parks (and ... Read More »