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Shopping Center Demand in 2015 to Grow as Space is at Tightest Levels in Past Eight Years

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Like everything, shopping center demand is cyclical. Up times. Down times. If you look at the latest data that’s coming out, it’s starting to look like a positive upswing is about to hit the industry real hard. That’s great news for the economy. That means more investment, more construction and retail jobs, more ancillary effects such as an increase in ... Read More »

Investing in Commercial Property Surges Which Means More Buildings, Jobs and Demand for Products from Floors to Commercial Grade Outdoor Furniture

commercial property

There’s promising news in the real estate markets about the rising values of commercial property. And that promising development is positive for the US economy as well. It will mean an increase in construction, decrease in employment and the demand for more products, including commercial grade outdoor furniture. The Urban Land Institute predicted in April that commercial real estate transaction ... Read More »