Family Donates Buddy Bench To School To Honor Parents

buddy benches

It is estimated that more than half of elementary schools in the US now feature Buddy Benches in their playgrounds. The Park and Facilities Catalog, a major supplier of Buddy Benches nationwide, continues to see a steady number of orders for this popular product. And many of the orders we see come in the form of donations either by individuals ... Read More »

Gymnastics School Finds Portable Aluminum Bleachers Are The Perfect Solution For Their Seating Needs

aluminum bleachers

Portable Aluminum Bleachers were found to be a great solution for seating at the Broadway Gymnastic School in Los Angeles. After all, a gymnastics school is a very busy place. There are young people doing cartwheels, flips and back handsprings. Parents come in and out.  And staff members keep it all organized. Plus, mats and pieces of apparatus need to ... Read More »