Gymnastics School Finds Portable Aluminum Bleachers Are The Perfect Solution For Their Seating Needs

aluminum bleachers

Portable Aluminum Bleachers were found to be a great solution for seating at the Broadway Gymnastic School in Los Angeles. After all, a gymnastics school is a very busy place. There are young people doing cartwheels, flips and back handsprings. Parents come in and out.  And staff members keep it all organized. Plus, mats and pieces of apparatus need to ... Read More »

Buddy Bench From The Park And Facilities Catalog Of Boca Raton Featured On Steve Harvey Show

buddy bench steve show

A Buddy Bench donated to a school by The Park and Facilities Catalog was recently featured on the nationally televised “Steve” show starring popular comedian Steve Harvey. The show centered on a young man named Alex, who was recently the subject of an article on our website. Producers at the “Steve” show heard about the story and contacted Alex and ... Read More »

College Adds Aluminum Bleachers With Red Powder-Coated Seats To Promote Team Colors And Inspire Fans

aluminum bleachers color

Davis and Elkins College has some of the most eye-catching aluminum bleachers in the country and its simply because they decided to add red seat planks to liven up the spectator experience. D&E is a small private liberal arts college located in Elkins, WV. The school was founded in 1904 and named for Henry G. Davis and his son-in-law Stephen ... Read More »