Picnic Tables With Game Tops Provide Fun Social Feature To Parks, Schools And Restaurants

picnic tables

Picnic tables with game tops can quickly become a popular place at your location for people to meet and socialize.

Picnic tables can offer another benefit to the public besides a place to dine outdoors when you add this item – a game top.

When ordering a metal or concrete picnic table, consider including the game top option.

With that option, a common checkerboard (also used for chess and other games) is embedded into the steel or concrete surface.

This adds a whole new dimension to your picnic table.

For one, the game top checkerboard can be used for both chess and checkers.

In fact, there are also several other games that can be played on an 8 square by 8 square board.

They include Amazons, Chapayev, Gounki, Arimaa, Breakthrough, Crossing. Mak-yek, Makruk and of course for our celestial friends. Martian Chess.

Think of the fun a family can have after or before a meal with this checkerboard.

It gives them more of a reason to stay outdoors and in your park or at your school.

Secondly, adding a checkerboard has incredible social benefits.

If you walk through Washington Square Park in New York City, you will always see several groups of people engaged in friendly games of chess.

Providing this form of play is a great way to engage senior citizens. It’s also an attraction for young people to meet and make new friends.

As we all know, this mental stimulation is important to keep our neurons sharp and active. So, besides the physical benefits of walking, jogging or just sitting on a park bench, with these outdoor game tables you will also be providing a mental benefit as well.

Metal Picnic Tables built to last

One of the hardiest yet reasonably priced products to consider are metal picnic tables with a special thermoplastic coating.

Advances in coating technology have now created thermoplastic finishes that are incredibly tough.

To achieve this, the metal parts are dipped in a fluidized bath of a special polyethylene mixture. This allows the plastic to completely engulf the metal and get into all nooks and crannies. That extra step is critical to prevent moisture from seeping in and creating rust and corrosion. You won’t see that type of deterioration with these durable picnic tables.

Once the thick thermoplastic coating dries and hardens, it’s like a plastic armor plate.

The coating is super resistant to:

  • Fading and destructive UV rays
  • Cracking, peeling or splintering
  • Inclement weather – cold, ice, rain or snow won’t damage this table
  • Graffiti – spray paint can be removed with a simple cleanser
  • Impact damage
  • Dirt and grime. Again, this table is easy to clean, usually with just soap and water.

Also, the coating for these tables essentially makes them maintenance-free. There is no need to sand, repaint or refinish.

The surface of the tables comes in either an expanded metal or perforated design. This allows for fluids to flow through and not pool. The perforations also keep the seat and table cooler in the summer.

To make it safer for children in recess or playground areas, in addition, these tables can be ordered with rolled edges.

Choose from an array of vibrant colors that will be fade-resistant. Match your school colors. Add colors from your logo if you install these tables in an outside dining area at a restaurant.

Once you install these picnic tables with game tops, they will attract users. It will be assuring to know these tables are built to remain appealing over the years and withstand continual use by the public.

Concrete picnic tables with game tops

concrete picnic tables

Concrete picnic tables with embedded checkerboard tiles.

Another option is to order concrete picnic tables with game tops (sometimes referred to as cement picnic tables. However, cement is actually one of the substances used in manufacturing these tables).

These tables are tougher than the pyramids.

For one, they are made of concrete. But there’s more. They are also constructed with reinforced steel and built to last outdoors for a very long time.

In fact, they are so heavy they must be transported with a forklift or tractor.

Now, one might think concrete picnic tables basically just come in one color- a sort of sidewalk off-white.

But that is not the case. The top and seats can be ordered either with a polished stone or a smooth finish. Choose colors from dove gray, light brown to sand tan.

As for the legs, there are even more options. They are available in light sandblasted or exposed aggregate.

Choose from Dura-brite, Etched or Perma style coatings. Then choose from an array of colors such as charcoal, light brown, terra cotta, dove gray and sand tan.

You can see images of the options in the Architect Resources section for this product.


The game board will really pop on this table (and remain there for a long time). That’s because it is made with ceramic tiles that are recessed and grouted into the tabletop.

It’s your move. Think about adding picnic tables with game tops and providing an extra feature that is sure to attract and delight visitors, just like it does in parks around the world.




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