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London Becomes World’s First National Park City And Why That’s Important

national park city

As urban areas continue to attract more people and expand, there will be more pressure on them to develop spaces for office, commercial and residential needs. However, there is also a movement pushing in the other direction to make a city more like a park. For example, London has been designated as the world’s first National Park City. That announcement ... Read More »

Commercial Bike Racks Offered In Several Designs For Different Environments And Needs

commercial bike racks

Commercial Bike Racks are not all the same and different products are best suited for different situations. Take the low-profile grid rack at a vacation property in Hilton Head, SC. This commercial bike rack was installed near one of the pools at the community. They chose this smaller type of commercial bike rack for a reason – to be unobtrusive. ... Read More »

How “Forest Bathing” In A Park Lifts Your Spirits And Lowers Stress

Want to boost your mood? Lower your blood pressure? Relax? Reenergize? Take a “Forest Bath” in your local park or wooded area. Forest bathing is a practice that began in Japan in the 1980s and is catching on worldwide. During that time in Japan, health practitioners began to notice the toll that the increased industrialization of the country was having ... Read More »