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List Of New Theme Park Attractions For 2019 And An Appreciation For The Tremendous Economic Impact They Provide

theme park economic impact

There is no doubt that one industry where America stands out worldwide is in the category of theme parks and this year, we will see a huge boost as new attractions open that will literally make people starry-eyed. Starry-eyed as in Star Wars. The Walt Disney Corp. is spending billions to open two new Star Wars themed parks. Smartly, the ... Read More »

How Economic Impact of Theme Parks Creates Revenue-Generating Thrill Ride for US

theme parks economic impact

When people gather in line for the newest monster roller coaster or flock to an amusement park named after the latest superhero, few realize the enormous economic contribution theme parks make to the American economy. It’s encouraging. In this global battle for jobs, theme parks are one of this country’s hot growth sectors. And attendance is growing. In 2014, there ... Read More »