New “Plogging” Exercise Craze Burns Calories, Cleans Streets And Puts Litter In Proper Trash Receptacles


“Plogging” – is a new exercise trend gaining momentum worldwide that provides a major benefit for every community and the planet in general. The idea is simple, green and very effective. Plogging is basically combining jogging with picking up litter along the way. The idea is that after you put on your running shoes, you also don a pair of ... Read More »

Recycled Plastic Benches Offer Engraving That Makes It Easy For Environmentally-Friendly, Adopt-A-Bench Programs

recycled plastic bench

Recycled plastic benches have an attractive feature that could help parks and other facilities instantly add more benches to their location. That feature – engraving. Many cities across the country manage successful sponsorship programs as an inexpensive way to fill their grounds with park benches. Probably one of the most successful programs is run by one of the most recognized ... Read More »

Outdoor Ashtrays Provide A Quick Fix To One Component Of The Debate On Smoking Bans At Parks And Beaches

outdoor ashtrays

Outdoor ashtrays are a smart strategy to consider in the debate on banning smoking from state and city parks and beaches. The idea to outlaw smoking at parks and beaches continues to surface in different states around the US. Gov. Jerry Brown of California recently vetoed, for the third time, a bill in his state that would have enacted such ... Read More »