Bicycle Parking Racks

Bicycle Lockers Added To Prominent Office Building As Welcome Amenity For Cycling Commuters

bike lockers

Bicycle lockers, bike rooms and indoor bicycle storage are becoming very popular features that more and more office buildings are promoting to lure tenants. For example, Layton Construction in Tennessee recently installed four bicycle lockers from The Park and Facilities Catalog in a bike room in a large office building in downtown Nashville. The skyscraper offers a complete bike room ... Read More »

Freestanding Bike Racks Save Space Indoors And Keep Bicycles Safe

freestanding bike racks

Freestanding Bike Racks are becoming more popular as a solution for providing bicycle storage inside confined spaces. Indoor bicycle storage, or bike rooms as they are commonly called, are now included as amenities for many apartment buildings as an effective way to attract tenants. Here are some facts to consider: There are now more than 48 million cyclists in the ... Read More »