Bicycle Parking Racks

Vertical Bike Racks Added As Part of Amenities For New Luxury Apartment Complex

vertical bike racks

To illustrate the importance of Vertical Bike Racks and indoor bicycle storage as a new trend in multi-family housing, just look at a luxury apartment complex in downtown Los Angeles. The building has incredible architecture, floor to ceiling rooms with amazing views and a long list of amenities. Those amenities include a sun deck, lap pool, fitness center, cycling room, ... Read More »

Bike Repair Station Added To Brooklyn Public Library To Help Cyclists And Encourage Alternative Transportation

bike repair station

The Brooklyn Public Library in New York went a step further for their patrons when they added a brand-new Bike Repair Station to their facility. What a great amenity! And an amenity that serves several purposes. “The library staff is super excited about our new bike repair stand,” said Margaret Day, adult librarian, at the Mill Basin Branch. “It’s a ... Read More »

10 Reasons To Add A Bike Repair Station To Your Town, College, Apartment Building Or Business

bike repair stations

Adding a Bike Repair Station as an amenity to any community is catching on across the county. Want to encourage more bicycle riders in your town? Want to create goodwill with cyclists by providing a handy place where they can maintain and fix their bicycles? Want to boost your bicycle infrastructure to make life easier for cyclists? Here are 10 ... Read More »