Bicycle Parking Racks

Freestanding Bike Racks Save Space Indoors And Keep Bicycles Safe

freestanding bike racks

Freestanding Bike Racks are becoming more popular as a solution for providing bicycle storage inside confined spaces. Indoor bicycle storage, or bike rooms as they are commonly called, are now included as amenities for many apartment buildings as an effective way to attract tenants. Here are some facts to consider: There are now more than 48 million cyclists in the ... Read More »

Quick Ship Bike Racks And Other Site Furnishings Help Complete That Construction Project Punch List

quick ship bike racks

Quick Ship Bike Racks plus Benches, Trash Receptacles or other site furnishings can help a general contractor get that project over the finish line. You know what’s it like – punch list time. The owner and perhaps architect are there for the final walkthrough. What that general contractor wants to see is the least amount of items on that punch ... Read More »

See Our Handy Guide On Bike Rooms For Tips On Maximizing Bicycle Storage In Apartment Buildings

bike room

The Guide to Bike Rooms from The Park and Facilities Catalog is a handy overview on how to create an attractive indoor bike storage area. Why create a bike room in an apartment or office building? According to a recent survey of people in the multi-family construction business, right now bike rooms are a hot amenity. Multifamily Design and Construction ... Read More »