Aluminum Benches Installed At Prestigious US Marine Corps Base

aluminum benches

Aluminum benches installed at the Marine Corps Recruit Depot at Parris Island in South Carolina.

A recent installation of aluminum benches by The Park and Facilities Catalog will hold a special place in our gallery of completed projects.

We recently supplied and installed 60 aluminum benches, 15 feet in length, to the United State Marine Corps.

The benches were installed in a classroom at the legendary Marine Corps Recruit Depot at Parris Island where Marine Corps recruits are instructed on a number of different tasks and assignments. About 20,000 troops come to the training center annually.

One task for the recruits is getting ready to take those famous Marine portraits that they proudly send home to their parents, relatives, and friends.

That’s where Julie McElwain comes in. She’s the civilian Marine manager in charge of recruit photography.

“This has been the easiest project I have ever done,” she said. “Not only was your company quick to give a quote, they were efficient in supplying me with the best crew possible for installation.”

Aluminum benches are built for durability and easy maintenance

Previously, Julie said the room used old metal benches with wooden desktops that were showing their wear and tear over the years along with some very creative graffiti.

The new aluminum benches add a bright, clean presence to the room.  These benches are built with mill finish aluminum that is easy to maintain and durable. The seats are covered with an anodized clear finish that can take the wear and tear.

The frame ends are capped and the bolts and hex nuts that hold them together are hot-dipped galvanized hardware. All joints are welded with a MIG process, that is tough, just like the people sitting on those benches.

“I couldn’t have been happier with the whole process,” she said. “The staff at The Park and Facilities Catalog was friendly and very helpful. Kudos to your team. Well done!”

We were glad to do it. After all, that classroom holds some very important and brave men and women.

“This job is very rewarding,” Julie added. “I get to see these recruits from the first week of training all the way through to the week they graduate.”

It’s also an honor for The Park and Facilities Catalog to play a very small part in these facilities. A place where these amazing young adults become a part of the renowned U.S. Marine Corps, a distinguished military branch that has defended this country for the past 242 years.

backless players bench

Backless aluminum players bench

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