Aluminum Bleachers Now Provide Seating For Boy Scouts At Camp La-No-Che

aluminum bleachers

Aluminum bleachers at the Boy Scout Camp La-No-Che in central Florida.

Aluminum Bleachers in 3, 4 or 5-row configurations are the simple solution for spectator seating, no matter how unique the event.

Safe and organized seating is not just something to offer for high school football games.

People attending events of nearly all types are better served with a set or sets of aluminum bleachers as opposed to them bringing their own lawn chairs.

Take the Boy Scouts of America Central Florida Council.

They regularly hold camps and events at Camp La-No-Che in central Florida.

This splendid location covers 1,480 acres of primitive land in the center of the state just south of the beautiful Ocala National Forest.

The huge campground is heavily used by Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Cub Scouts, JROTC units and other groups.

There the youngsters participate in district and special events such as the Liger Growl and Superhero Weekend.

The place is perfect for scouts. It has two waterfront areas with docks, a climbing wall, swimming pools, trading post, rifle and archery ranges, sports field, amphitheater, basketball court, dance arbor, dining hall and the Florida trail.

aluminum bleachers

Four-row aluminum bleachers, 27-feet in length that can accommodate up to 72 adults.

Aluminum bleachers added to lake campgrounds

The camp recently purchased two 4-Row Aluminum Bleachers from The Park and Facilities Catalog.

According to spokesperson Justin Benson, the aluminum bleachers were installed at their fields where they hold numerous events, including the dance arbor where the scouts perform Native American pow wows.

“We use them for people to sit on to watch our pow wows during the summer and spring,” he said. “We wanted more bleachers so that people wouldn’t have to use chairs from other areas or need to bring their own.”

That statement basically sums up the beauty of adding aluminum bleachers.

If you want your spectators to sit comfortably and enjoy any event, providing aluminum bleachers is one of the most convenient, cost-effective ways to achieve this goal.

These simple low-rise bleachers seat anywhere from 20 to 72 people comfortably, based on the length of the planks.

Providing these places to sit for visitors is certainly much easier than asking them to drag out their own chairs. Many people won’t come with chairs at all. Which will make for a long day standing during an event.

“We think they look fantastic, quality-wise and appearance-wise,” Jason added.

Small aluminum bleachers offer big seating capacity

Most people are surprised to know how many people can be seated on a simple set of 3, 4 or 5 row bleachers.

For example, with 4-row bleachers, by adding 15-foot planks, there is room for 40 spectators.

  • 21-foot planks can seat 56 people,
  • 24-foot planks accommodate 64 people
  • 27-foot lengths will take care of 72 fans

All of this is provided by just 4-rows of aluminum planks.

The great advantage of aluminum bleachers is that they last a very, very long time. Much longer than wooden benches or even wooden benches.

The anodized seat planks stand up to the elements whether its rain, cold or blistering UV rays. Sanding or repainting is not required with aluminum bleachers.

These hardy planks are also super-easy to clean and maintain. Most of the time all you need is soap and water to clean them off.

Advantages of elevated and portable bleachers

For larger crowds, facility managers might want to include 5-row or 10-row elevated bleachers. These bleachers are elevated so the people on the bottom row don’t rest their feet on the ground, but on a raised deck.

This elevated structure provides for bitter sightlines for the activities taking place on the field. They also provide railings and fencing for spectator safety.

Another possibility to consider where there are multiple locations for different events is the use of portable bleachers. These bleachers come with a wheel kit complete with tires. They can be hitched to a riding mower or small tractor and towed to different locations within the complex. (Note: portable bleachers are not meant to be towed on public roads).

Whatever your event, whether it’s a little league baseball game or a pow wow, consider adding aluminum bleachers. (But make sure they are IBC-compliant and manufactured by a reputable company. You certainly don’t want those spectators slipping or getting injured on your bleachers).

Aluminum bleachers are an inexpensive investment that pays off because of its durability and keeps your spectators comfortable for a very long period of time.





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