Amenities For Aluminum Bleachers Complete Your Field Layout And Give It An Organized Appearance

aluminum bleachers

Adding amenities to your aluminum bleachers such as aluminum scorer’s tables, players benches and picnic tables creates a more organized impression of your sports complex.

By installing additional amenities along with your aluminum bleachers, you can complete the layout of your sports complex and give your playing field a clean, organized, and professional look.

This will make it more user-friendly and consistent from all viewpoints, including the players, coaching staff, officials, and even the spectators.

And just like aluminum bleachers themselves, these amenities are high quality, long lasting, and easy to care for and use.

They’ll withstand all the same weather and repeated use challenges as standard aluminum bleachers, and help make your field safer, more usable, and more comfortable for everyone involved.

Aluminum bleacher amenities range from items designed for a more specific use to those designed for use by the general public.

In addition, all of these aluminum products are designed to handle heavy-duty use with easy maintenance and a long life.

Following are just some examples of aluminum bleacher amenities to add to your complex or public venue:

Amenities that complement your aluminum bleachers and sports complex

    • Aluminum Scorer’s Tables- Unique to individual sports, these specifically designed, uniquely outfitted scorer’s tables will comfortably accommodate the persons who keep score or act in a judging role from the sidelines at sporting events or tournaments. Depending on the sport being played, and how many fields are in use for those tournament situations, there may be a need for multiple scorer’s tables for each individual field or along the sidelines and backlines of the playing court. The cost is minimal, but providing a scorer’s table shows the public and opposing teams that you have a facility that is first-class and optimized for sporting events.
    • Designated Players Benches- Aluminum players benches with galvanized options for surface or in-ground mounting are the most logical and best choice for use as team and players benches. When installed along the sidelines as the place for teams to gather and rest when needed, or as a common place for the team reserves to sit and wait for their shift, aluminum team and player benches are manufactured to the same high quality and dimensions as standard aluminum bleachers. This makes them a matching component of your field configuration. The aluminum team benches come in widths of 2” x 10” or 2” x 12”, and can support an optional backrest, up to 7” high. Standard lengths are 7’-6”. 15’, and 21’ long, but can always be customized for your unique dimensional needs.
aluminum players benches

Aluminum players benches such as this one are a perfect complement to a field with aluminum bleachers.

  • General Benches- Properly placed aluminum benches throughout your complex will increase the comfort level for all visitors while making individual spaces more useful, accommodating and inviting. They can be placed in and around any natural gathering area, open mingling areas, concession areas, along walkways, and even near restrooms where one may have to wait on others. These benches can also be placed near a playground or dog park if your complex happens to contain these types of areas to keep restless toddlers and overactive puppies busy and happy.
  • Picnic Tables- Aluminum picnic tables are a great addition to a complex or venue that offers concessions for sale or encourages spectators to bring in their own food and drink. Guests will have a comfortable and inviting area to enjoy their food without the probability of spilling or dropping it on their clothes and lap. With provided picnic tables, spectators can relax, lay their food and drink out on the table, and enjoy the meal, the game, and the conversation around them. With an area of provided picnic seating, you are also encouraging spectators to keep the food waste within a suggested zone rather than having the waste, wrappers, and other litter end up under the bleachers or grandstands. The beauty of aluminum picnic tables is that they are long-lasting, resistant to weather, easy to clean, and discourage graffiti and vandalism.
  • Waste Receptacles- Speaking of trash, you can never have enough waste receptacles. Placing them in, around, and along pedestrian paths helps discourage littering, one of our biggest environmental problems. Adding them next to concession areas will cut down on litter and help keep the venue clean. Waste receptacles and receptacle guards should be a must on your amenity list when planning a field or complex layout. One more note, people like to eat. A lot. Placing just one trash receptacle is usually not enough. Be sure to provide plenty of them and if you see a situation where they are overfilling, provide more. Litter encourages more litter. When people see a full trash receptacle, they will just throw their garbage on the ground nearby. A bunch of trash strewn about your sports complex will certainly create a negative image and will probably generate complaints from the public.
  • Temporary/Portable Bleachers – Not normally listed as an amenity, but temporary or portable aluminum bleachers can be helpful should you occasionally come up short of bleacher seating. Portable bleachers can help in a pinch when expecting the occasional over-capacity crowd. For example, one year your team might be red-hot and attract larger than usual crowds, especially in playoff situations. Moveable bleachers can also be of use when needing additional seating at different venues around your complex. Portable aluminum bleachers can be that luxury amenity that keeps both complex managers and expected guests happy and comfortable.

Aluminum picnic tables and benches prove to be important during renovations

A fine example of mixing in additional amenities within a diverse multi-use park renovation and configuration took place in Cherokee County, Canton, Georgia. Cherokee County planned to spend nearly $115,000 in the renovation of both Veteran’s Park and Patriot’s Park. Both are home to everything from nature trails to tennis/pickleball courts to multi-use complexes designated for youth sports. In addition to new fields, playgrounds, a dog park, walking paths, a skate park, and new concession stands and restrooms, plans for additional amenities were put in place addressing the accommodations, safety, and comfort of spectators and park users.

Cherokee Veteran’s Park, the larger of the two, is adding a multitude of both spectator and player amenities including 9 picnic tables, 22 square tables, 48 trash receptacles to combat litter, and 48 regular benches placed in preferred, high traffic locations where they are most likely to be used. Also included in their renovation plans are 12 aluminum benches designated for player use and 8 four-foot courtside benches.

The second park, Patriot’s Park, is receiving 5 new picnic tables, 12 square tables, and 42 new trash receptacles. They’re also installing 22 aluminum benches, strategically placed for the best use, and 6 aluminum player benches.

The act of adding amenities to your complex is more than just a sign of an upgrade. Installed amenities that cater to everyone involved, including workers, players, coaches, referees and judges, and guests, including families, shows demonstrated investment in the complex as well as the community.

Plus, adding products that are similar, for example, all-aluminum products, gives your field a consistent and coherent appearance.

It demonstrates pride in your athletic programs and a caring attitude about the experience that all guests will have when visiting your complex, ensuring return visits and loyal fans in the future.

By Gerald Dlubala

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