Bike Lockers Grow In Popularity As Source Of Revenue For Towns And Apartments

bike lockers

Bike lockers for lease at the RTD station in Denver.

Bike Lockers are becoming more prevalent as a form of secure bicycle storage.

After all, locking a bicycle in a strong box is certainly one of the more secure ways to protect it.

One cause for this increased interest in bike locks is the cost of bicycles today.

According to Bicycle Universe, here are some estimates for the cost of bicycles today:

  • Road bikes – from $350 to $700
  • Mountain bikes – $1000 on average
  • Single-speed bikes – $400 on average
  • Beach cruiser bikes – $200 to $300
  • Recumbent bikes – $1000 to $2000 (where the rider is in a laid-back position)
  • Children’s bike 8 and younger – $140 to $200.

As you can see, bicycles are not cheap.

Here’s another cause for concern with bicyclists.

Bicycle thefts are on the rise.

Today, street crooks are becoming more adept at cutting through bike locks. Many carry their own pair of metal cutters with them. They steal the bikes and resell them or break them into parts and sell the pieces.

The FBI reports there are about 250,000 bicycles are reported stolen every year. However, that’s reported. Experts believe the number of actual thefts is four times that amount or 1 million bicycles that go missing annually.

Cyclists who go through the trouble of researching bikes and then buying one, certainly don’t want to find those bicycles stolen one day and chopped into pieces.

Municipalities offer bike lockers at transportation hubs

That’s why many towns are adding bike lockers near train stations and other transportation centers. It’s the same reason office buildings and apartment complexes are doing the same.

For example, the Regional Transportation District in Denver encourages residents to “bike-n-ride.”

On their website,, they advise commuters to bike to transportation hubs and then carry their bikes on light rail, commuter rail or buses.

Another option is to ride to these Park-and-Rides or stations and then park their bikes. Leasing one of their bike lockers is one option.

The cost is only $60 for a one-year lease. From the photo above, it appears all of those bike lockers are leased.

The TriMet bus, light rail, and commuter service in Portland also offers bike lockers for cyclists. Their fee is $25 for each six-month billing cycle.

That’s a new source of revenue that will pay for itself rather quickly.

Bike rooms and secure bike storage is now also a hot amenity for apartment buildings.

Show prospective tenants how their bikes can be super-secure in one of these bike lockers. Use the lockers as a promotion or charge a fee. Many cyclists will be glad to pay knowing their $1000 bike is a secure lock-box at night or when they are away.

This is also a welcome amenity that can be added to any office building.

Not only do these bike lockers show that their employer cares about their possessions, but it also sends a signal that this company supports bike commuting and alternative means of transportation. This results in healthier employees and greener cities. A win-win.

Bike lockers manufactured with tough materials

Bike lockers from The Park and Facilities Catalog are built tough to last in all types of weather conditions.

The material we use is a molded fiberglass reinforced plastic composite.

These bike lockers are scratch-resistant so they keep their appearance for years. If installed outside, that fiberglass also resists wear from UV rays. Graffiti is easy to remove.

And, these hardy bike lockers are so low maintenance, they need painting or refinishing.

That’s just the box.

The handle, locking parts, hinges, vents, and number plates are all made with zinc, aluminum or stainless steel parts so they last a long time and won’t rust or corrode.

Order a standard pop-out T handle lock with keys that is recessed into the door. Or use an internal locking bar or padlock handle.

These lightweight bike lockers are also easy to relocate. And, with an adapter, they can be stacked atop one another. To maximize space even further, there is an option to order a wedge-shaped locker as well.

Colors available include tan or medium gray for our 300 series and tan, medium gray, white, café, teal, blue and green for our larger 350 series bike lockers. (FYI – the 300 Series model comes fully assembled. The 350 Series models must be assembled on site.

There are also vents, number plates and interior hooks available.

Bicycling is more popular than ever. Many Millennials would rather get around by bike than a car and actually delay obtaining their driver’s license. According to, there were an estimated 47 million cyclists in 2017. The bicycle market is a $6 billion market.

Consider the smart strategy of providing bike lockers and then charging a fee to pay for them and earn revenue.



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