Bleachers Are Part of Every Fall Tradition

Fans about to return to the bleachers

Fans about to return to the bleachers for fall sports

By Gerald Dlubala

It’s fall and if you are a spectator, time to head for the bleachers. You’ve been tracking that big mark on your calendar – the start of football season (or soccer), and it’s finally here.  You know that everybody is going to be there. And you also remember in the past how much fun it was in those bleachers with your friends, family and fellow fans.

It is tradition, after all, isn’t it? Working your way up to the perfect spot, your regular spot, in the bleachers, talking and laughing while seeing familiar faces along the way. It’s the perfect place to sit, visit, and watch while cheering, clapping, yelling, screaming, and doing whatever you can to help your team to victory whether you are a student, parent or just a regular fan.

A smile comes to your face just thinking about all of this, because it’s that time of year. The season for the local, weekly, college and high school football games to start, and the anticipation of watching the games from the bleachers is getting the best of people across America.

You wouldn’t miss it for anything. Pack up, because you’re bleacher bound. Just like millions of other Americans.

Bleachers are an integral part of fall traditions

Hanging out in the bleachers on a Friday night or Saturday afternoon have become a tradition, a symbol of fall festivities such as the beloved high school and college football games. Bleachers are used for countless reasons during the year, but they really come into play for many schools when the fall sports season begins.

Bleachers in high school football stadium

Bleachers in high school football stadium

Weekly football games may be the main reason that the bleachers are there to begin with. Combined with their economical cost, reputation for lasting durability and low maintenance, aluminum bleachers are exceptional at handling all the spectators, family, and friends that are there to watch a local sporting event.

And although their main function is to support the crowds that come to watch those games, aluminum bleachers have become the go-to destination and focal point for the secondary activities surrounding the game itself.

The excitement isn’t just on the field either. Cheerleaders are a mainstay in front of the stands. They are there to entertain, engage, and rally the fans. When you think of cheerleaders, you picture them facing away from the field of play, looking towards the crowd, engaging in cheers, dance routines and acrobatics to raise anticipation and excitement while rallying the home team.

All of their routines, projected sightlines, and acrobatic maneuvers are arranged, practiced, and performed based on the location and viewing direction of the bleacher crowd

Aluminum bleachers provide the backdrop for a lot of good-natured fun, too. Even without considering the polarizing activities like the wave (I know, you love it or hate it, and that’s OK), organized and well-planned bleacher seating provides a way for the fans of both teams to try and outdo and out cheer one another.

And if you’re cheering for the visiting team, your plan in all of this is to take over the bleacher noise, negating home field advantage. While some cheers and rally cries are designed to fuel the players, we’ve all heard, and maybe even participated in those cheers aimed at the opposing teams fans, challenging their spirit or dedication.

And the band plays on

The aura surrounding the bleacher section doesn’t stop there. Walking into that field or stadium, you can already hear the band playing. There they are, the uniformed musicians, all set up in their particular bleacher area, where everyone in attendance will hear the music and accent sounds they provide.

The traditional school band, marching or stationary, is one of the most recognizable parts of these games. They’re loud and they’re proud, and as expected, take great pride in setting the tone for the game. They provide pregame and halftime entertainment, as well as accent music during game play.

For every important or big play, the band will be entertaining the crowd up close and personal. Who doesn’t get excited and worked up while sitting in the bleachers feeling the thump, thump, thump of the bass drum in your chest. Go on, it’s OK to stand up and cheer.

Seating for everyone is important

There are other events, and emotional ones at that, that need quality, well built bleachers to be available.  Spirit weeks, annual homecoming games, and senior nights for the athletes and their families are all very emotional. Many of these events happen while on or in the shadow of the venue’s bleacher seating.

Spirit weeks and all-school pep rallies are commonly held in front of bleachers filled with the entire student body, whether inside or outside. Cheerleaders, players, teachers and coaches look up into an attentive cheering crowd delivering their speech to motivate the students and their families to come out and enjoy the games while supporting the players.

Homecoming festivities, generally a fall tradition, may also provide one of the most anticipated and attended games of the year, equaled only by special, rivalry games with neighboring schools.

The attendance at these games demands that the bleachers be at their peak performance. With the low maintenance aspect of aluminum bleachers, keeping them in tiptop shape is quicker and much easier than with those older steel or wood, high maintenance structures.

And for those extra special moments that happen before the games, like Senior Nights, when those graduating players and their families are recognized prior to playing their last home game, adequate, safe seating is mandatory.

Emotional times for sure, while families are caught up in the moment and taking pictures or recording the ceremony for their family history. The last thing anyone, especially athletic directors and facility managers, want to worry about is if they’ll even have a seat to view the moment, or if the seating is safe.

Aluminum bleachers provide the assurance, for both the spectator and the venue manager that the seating and sightlines are both safe and secure, leaving the spectators to enjoy the experience.

Additional seating for larger crowds is smart, fast and easy

Aluminum bleachers are the common thread in all of these special moments and occasions, being the home base where everything, from the event venue, to the participants and amazing amount of spectators meet and come together for a single, common event.

For those events that may actually exceed your normal capacity, it couldn’t be easier, or wiser, to add additional places to sit. Maybe for grandparents or visiting aunts and uncles.

Temporary, portable bleachers, as well as tip-and–roll bleacher seats can be available in as little as three days.  The last thing you want to see at a special event are spectators mulling around, angling for a view of the festivities because you didn’t have the foresight to provide the proper amount of seating.

When you think about it, you will see that additional seating, even on a temporary basis, is a wise investment for those games and events that will draw the bigger than normal crowds, like an annual homecoming game or traditional rivalry game.

Crowds come and go, bleachers will always be there

At the end of the day, whether the home team brought the victory home, or the visitors played the part of spoilers on this particular day, your venue’s quality, well made and maintained aluminum bleachers can earn the title of most valuable, providing the place to anticipate, cheer, yell, stomp and congregate with friends and family while enjoying a great event, game after game, year after year. We take the grandstands for granted sometimes, but they are a big element of any sports facility, considering how much time people spend sitting on them.

Isn’t that a pretty good explanation of what makes something a tradition?

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