Bleachers Will Shine with Bleacher Covers In Your Choice of Vibrant School Colors

Fans in bleachers on a chilly day

Fans in bleachers on a chilly day

By Gerald Dlubala

It’s game day, you’re about to spend the afternoon on some bleachers, and this afternoon is turning into a beauty. Picture perfect, with high, blue skies, offering those signature, gentle breezes that make you feel as if you’re on vacation.

There are hordes of tailgaters out as you approach the venue. Confident and boisterous, each rowdy group enthusiastically touts their team’s imminent success while enjoying food, drink and the companionship of fellow fans.

The good vibes continue as you enter and walk into the stadium. Rows and rows of smartly organized and efficiently placed seats in the bleachers greet you.

They’re not only great looking, but also distinctly enveloped in alternating colors, matching those of the home team’s uniforms.

The layout, design and color choice somehow ignites a feeling that you’re here for some grand event, a spectacle of importance.

It’s an event that draws your interest in such a way that you are compelled to attend in person and see it firsthand. You need the experience that you can only get by being there, watching live as events unfold.

Transforming events into experiences

As the owner or the person in charge of these facilities, you are in the business of keeping your stadium looking sharp and insuring that your customers have a great, game day experience.

You’re regularly and routinely doing whatever you can to make their experience the best it can possibly be so that they will want to return and relive that experience time after time for future events.

There are as many opinions on how to achieve this as there are people that walk through those entrance gates. Sure, you can offer certain, trendy food and drink options.

Maybe you can get others in the door by offering quality giveaway gift items for attending, like souvenirs, game memorabilia or player autographed trinkets. But there is a major component that can make or break a great fan experience, and should be considered first and foremost –  fan comfort.

The combination of comfort and aesthetics

Quality, well-made and maintained seating choices like bleachers are a great, economical way to provide efficient seating for large crowds, and also for accommodating those guests with special needs and/or space requirements.

But let’s face it. Bleachers, no matter what they’re made of, will reflect the environment on that given day, especially outdoors. They can, at times, get hot in the summer sun, and in winter, make one feel as if they are sitting on a mini iceberg.

If not protected, bleachers may also deteriorate due to the rigors of Mother Nature and all of the extreme conditions that she can present.

No matter what time of year, whether the event is inside or out, the crowds come in regularly carrying cushions, blankets, throws and tarps to insulate themselves from the bleachers.

This is a cue that perhaps you can do more to create a more comfortable experience for your event spectators, something that will simultaneously add to the overall aesthetics and appearance of your stadium, gym, or event space. Because after all, the bulk of their experience with your facility will be spent sitting on those bleacher seats.

Covers for seats in bleachers make a big difference

You can be proactive in addressing the comfort of the fans by installing covers on the bleachers over your current bleacher seating. Bleacher covers are the best way to protect your investment in bleacher seating while adding aesthetics and practical value to your event space.

The installation of bleacher covers can be a minimally disruptive, economical solution to not only protect your bleacher seating, but they will also be an amenity that users will appreciate, even if they’re not consciously aware of it. Adding an insulating layer between them and the bleacher plank will immediately increase their comfort level.

Overall benefits of installing bleacher covers

  • Economical protection for your seating investment – Bleacher covers are economical and easy to install over your current aluminum or wood bleachers. They are environmentally friendly and a great alternative to replacing worn or damaged bleachers on a yearly basis.
    Bleachers with vinyl covers

    Bleachers with vinyl covers

  • Low maintenance – Once installed on bleachers, covers require minimal maintenance, without the need for the annual painting, sanding or sealing that some exposed bleachers require. Because bleacher covers are both UV and weather resistant, they resist color fade, providing a long-lasting, enhanced backdrop for your event space.
  • Aesthetic enhancement – Available with color matching end caps, seam covers and hardware, the end result is a true, quality, finished look improving aesthetics and making your space a desired destination for those seeking venues to hold events.
  • Unique seating with personalized color choices – Your desired colors can be ordered from a standard color selection, or they can be customized to perfectly match your team, school, or business colors. You’ll transform your aluminum bleachers from the standard silver metal look into a true, colorful home field, increasing school and team spirit and morale by providing a personalized gym, stadium, or event space.
  • Bleacher covers increase safety – Bleacher covers are skid resistant and splinter proof. They allow free movement before, during and after events without the danger of these types of bleacher related accidents occurring in the stands.
  • No affect on views – Covers are also non-reflective, so the bleachers won’t hinder the sight lines of the players, participants, employees, or fans across the way on the other side of the stadium.
  • Warmth – one attribute of aluminum is that it does not retain warmth. Just the opposite. That’s why they make beer cans with the stuff. Vinyl bleacher covers can take away that frigid feeling.

So there you are, overseeing the activities at the game, concentrating on the fan experience. The fans slide back and forth on the bleachers to talk, cheer and high-five their counterparts.

They run up and down the bleachers, in search of that perfect selfie, maybe even with the mascot, without fear of slipping and falling. They jump up at critical moments, sit down afterwards, and in between they are cheering, yelling and enjoying themselves.

While the fans and spectators are experiencing every emotion they can, you can be assured that no matter how rowdy and excitable the game and/or fans get, bleacher covers are up to the task, providing a comfort-based experience from start to finish.

You’ll be glad you added the bleacher covers after the crowds are long gone, and you know that your bleachers are no worse from the wear and tear you’ve witnessed.

Easily customized for every situation, covers for bleachers are a viable option whether you are looking for added durability, a new, exciting and fresh look, or increased comfort for your users, or perhaps all of these combined.





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