Commercial Picnic Tables With Protective Metal Surfaces Make Maintenance Super Easy

commercial picnic tables

Commercial picnic tables with a perforated metal surface for easy maintenance.

Commercial Picnic Tables have come a long way since the days of traditional wooden tables.

In fact, with advances in coating technology, you can now purchase tables with amazing resistance to a variety of elements that will keep them intact for years.

Wouldn’t it be great to have a picnic table with these qualities?

  1. A pliable polyethylene copolymer-based thermoplastic coating that adheres to steel when heated, but then hardens into a tough shell when cooled.
  2. Coated in a fluidized bed,  so the coating completely covers all parts of the table and seats.
  3. Resistant to mold or fungus.
  4. Resistant to damaging UV rays (considering these picnic tables are under the sun all year long. Ultraviolet rays can actually damage wood fibers over time).
  5. Fade-resistant.
  6. Impact-resistant.
  7. Resistant to graffiti.
  8. Smooth finish.
  9. Easy to clean – usually just with soap and water or light industrial cleaner.
  10. Does not crack or splinter.
  11. Does not peel.
  12. Resistant to salt air or perfect for states where roads are salted in the winter.
  13. Perforated surfaces that allow liquids to pass through to the ground so they do not pool.
  14. Perforated surfaces that also allow for cool air to pass through during the hot summer months.
  15. Able to withstand rain, snow, ice, and freezing temperatures.

Commercial Picnic Tables with impact-resistant coatings

  1. Resistant to cutting and vandalism.
  2. Easily repaired with a heat gun and a small portion of thermoplastic powder.
  3. Available in a large variety of vibrant colors.
  4. Resistant to rust and corrosion.
  5. Supported by a metal frame that is covered in a hardy powder coat finish that is also resistant to rust and corrosion.
  6. Parts welded together using MIG welding techniques which offers superior strength.
  7. Bolted together with stainless steel hardware – also resistant to rust and corrosion.
  8. No sanding, repainting or re-staining required.
  9. Manufactured with heavy-duty, commercial-grade steel.
  10. Available with rolled edges.
  11. Available with plaques for memorial benches.
  12. Available with laser-cut lettering for branding or logos
  13. Available in a variety of designs.
  14. Offered in versions with high-backed seats.
  15. Ability to order ADA-compliant picnic tables with wheelchair access.


commercial picnic tables

Commercial picnic tables with a pedestal frame for easy access.

Metal picnic tables offer more options

As you can see, choosing metal commercial picnic tables has a tremendous number of advantages.

These tables also come in three different mounting options.

  • Portable – this allows you to move the commercial picnic table to different locations on your premises.
  • Surface – in this case, the table is attached to a concrete slab.
  • In-ground – this mounting involved digging a hole and using concrete to secure the picnic table legs into the ground.

There is also a large number of designs you can choose from.

commercial picnic tables

Commercial picnic tables with seats and seat backs.

Naturally, there are rectangular and round tables.

But there are more options. For example, there are commercial picnic tables that come with a single pedestal base that easily allows people to walk to their seats and sit down.

Then there are bolt-through picnic tables that also provide easy access.

Every facility should have one or two ADA-compliant commercial picnic tables depending on the number of tables. Experts say about 20% of the US population has some sort of disability.

ADA tables can be ordered with a cutout space in the center for wheelchairs. Or they can be ordered with an extension at one end of the table which accommodates a wheelchair.

There are also commercial picnic tables that can now be ordered with a built-in canopy to provide plenty of shade. That’s perfect for those hot summer days.

As we said, there are a large variety of colors. They include ultra-blue, beige, black, blue, brown, burgundy, green and red.

The expanded metal for some commercial picnic tables can also be ordered in two patterns – perforated or diamond-shaped.

Aluminum is durable and lightweight

Another option for metal commercial picnic tables is to order aluminum picnic tables.

Aluminum is an amazing element. The anodized planks won’t blister, crack, peel, splinter, flake or rust. As far as the weather, the sun won’t damage these tables nor will rain, snow, freezing cold or ice. They are also super easy to clean.

Because they are so lightweight, some restaurants, parks and other facilities find aluminum picnic tables handy for moving to various locations on their grounds for different functions.

One thing is for sure, metal picnic tables are becoming a very popular choice for facilities.

Hotels, restaurants, schools, colleges and parks are finding these products are maintenance-free yet retain their vibrant appearance over the years.

Bottom line: with advances in coating technology, metal commercial picnic tables are now the prevalent choice for many facilities and one you should definitely consider for your location.

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