Crowd Control Barricades – One Of The Most Essential Tools For Effectively Organizing An Event

crowd control barricades

Crowd control barricades in powder-coated colors

Crowd Control Barricades are one item that is absolutely necessary for festivals, parades, concerts and other events and for this item, it is very smart to plan ahead.

When it comes to crowds, you definitely don’t want to be caught short-handed.

Think of your schedule of upcoming events for the year.

Those events might include:

  • Concerts in the park
  • Fairs
  • Art shows
  • Classic car nights
  • Festivals
  • Parades
  • Sporting events
  • Graduation ceremonies
  • Visits by dignitaries
  • Ceremonies to honor local residents

Figure a couple of unanticipated events (someone in your town makes it to the Final Four on American Idol and is about to visit).

All of these events have different needs and unique characteristics.

Crowd control barricades are a necessary part of event checklist

Here are some suggestions from experts for tasks to include on your checklist

  • Organize staff and give clear assignments from paid employees to volunteers
  • Train staff
  • Address need for police involvement or security staff
  • Know who is attending (an art show crowd is different than heavy metal fans)
  • Use crowd control barricades to demarcate lines and off-limit areas
  • Control access points
  • Maintain orderly lines
  • Include turns and breaks in long lines so people can’t push from the back
  • Provide adequate and large, visible signage to direct people
  • Be sure to have a clear flow and pathways around event
  • Make sure all exit points are clear and not locked
  • Be sure ticket lines move quickly, add multiple booths
  • Be sure you have adequate ingress and egress
  • Provide ushers to direct people
  • Keep liquor under control – ban it, limit it or have a way to spot people abusing it
  • Create emergency plans (and include worst-case scenarios)
  • Be sure to include a plan for medical-related issues
  • Be sure to have a loudspeaker for announcements
  • After any event, hold a follow-up meeting to evaluate success and areas to improve

As you can see from this checklist, controlling the flow of people is a major part of the process.

This is where one of the biggest assets for events are your crowd control barricades.

Established clear lines for people to follow is the essence of true crowd control.

You can have plenty of staff on hand. But you need barriers to direct people and keep them in line.

Be sure to order barricades before you need them

Also, here’s an important note. Be sure to order those crowd control barricades early AND order more than you think you will need.

There are occasions where barricades can become short in supply.

For example, this happened in 2015 when Pope Francis visited North America. He visited three major American cities – Washington, DC, New York City and Philadelphia.

As you can imagine, officials in those cities anticipated that the crowds would be enormous.  Barricades were in super high demand and actually became difficult to find.

You don’t want to find yourself in that situation where it is difficult to get the barricades you need for local events.

plastic barricades

Plastic barricades in vibrant colors.

Types of crowd control barricades

The Park and Facilities Catalog has a full selection of crowd control barriers.

These include:

  • Metal barricades
  • Plastic barricades
  • Expandable barricades

Let’s talk about Metal Barriers, one of the most popular choices. (These are typically the shiny metal barricades lining street during parades.)

These metal barricades have several advantages and popular features:

  • Heavy-duty steel construction
  • Full circumference welds
  • Useful in all types of weather
  • Interlocking hooks
  • Recyclable
  • Made in the USA

There are generally two types of metal barricades – galvanized and powder-coated.

The galvanized barricades are covered with a protective zinc coating. For products provided by The Park Catalog, the barricades are processed in a hot-dipped galvanized bath, so all parts of the metal are fully coated.

That thick zinc coating prevents rust and corrosion and can withstand all types of weather.

This is one hardy barricade.

The presence of these silvery-colored barricades is common at many events.

Another option is to choose metal barricades that are covered with a powder coating.

This coating also prevents rust and corrosion.

One advantage of powder-coated crowd control barricades is that they can be ordered in a variety of colors such as orange or yellow.

The bright colors provide an extra layer of visibility and safety.

They are excellent for construction zones, job sites, airports, utility work sites, etc.

Plastic barricades are lightweight

Another option for event control is (polypropylene) Plastic Barricades.

These panels are made with molded plastic and are lightweight and easy to move around.

They can also be ordered in a selection of bright colors – blue, green, orange, red, white and yellow.

In regard to a “green” product, these plastic barricades are also recyclable.

Another great advantage of plastic barricades is that they can be customizable.

A park or business can add signage to an 11-inch by 11-inch space in the center of the barrier. That’s a great opportunity for paid sponsorship or branding.

These plastic barricades will also not rust or corrode.

Expandable barricades

Another option to consider with its own advantage is the use of Expandable Barricades.

These plastic barricades basically open up like an accordion.

The features that make these barricades appealing is that they fold up and are easy to store. They are lightweight and easy to set up and can be adjusted for different lengths.

Pedestrian traffic flow is important. Event planners want people to move about in an orderly, controlled and safe manner. They also want to protect people from vehicles and traffic.

People want to know where to walk. They expect events to be safe and organized properly. Naturally, there are always some participants who are less likely to follow the rules. Therefore the rules must be stated clearly and there must be trained staff on hand to keep everybody in line.

One of the basic strategies to manage any event is to be sure you have plenty of top-grade, durable and sturdy crowd control barricades.

Call the experts at The Park Catalog at 800-69-3503 to find the right barricades for your needs.

Note: Some of our Crowd Control Barricades are included in our ParkExpress program and can be shipped in just a few days.

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