Custom Bike Racks Project Town Pride And Unique Identity

custom bike racks

One of the City of Bellbrook’s custom bike racks.

Installing Custom Bike Racks with a town’s logo can be a way to reinforce pride in any municipality and provide adequate outdoor bicycle parking at the same time.

Bellbrook is a beautiful city in southwest Ohio with a population of about 7,000 (according to the 2010 US Census). The town started back in 1816 and notable former residents include writer Erma Bombeck and actor Jonathan Winters.

To add bicycle parking for the public, the town decided to add five bike racks.

But instead of adding just ordinary U-Style or Wave bike racks, the town decided to add some flair to the design and ordered custom bike racks.

These custom bike racks are eye-catching, unique and sure to be a source of pride for the town. Basically, the town chose U-type steel bike racks with a metal plate that could be laser-cut. The Park and Facilities Catalog was able to cut the town’s logo and name into the metal plate.

One might think this is a difficult endeavor. After all, the town’s logo contains a leaf. And the first letter in their name is italicized. But the graphic artists were able to successfully create an outline of the leaf and lettering and the manufacturing team carved out the design while ensuring the frame was sturdy and secure.

Bellbrook also wanted to feature an outline of a map of Ohio showing the location of the town. No problem.

The five custom bike racks were installed at various spots downtown.

“We love the custom bike racks!” said Melissa Dodd, City Manager. “We chose (the design) because it not only depicts the city’s logo but also a heart over where we are in the state showing love for both!”

While this custom artwork might seem like a complicated endeavor, it really is not.

The Park and Facilities Catalog has graphic artists that will take any artwork and create a mock-up showing how it can be reproduced on a metal bike rack. (Obviously, the simpler design the better. With today’s technology, it can be surprising how well the lasers can match the original artwork).

The mock-up can be revised to get the result the client wants. Then a final proof is sent for a sign-off from our customers.

“The design process was really smooth even after we tweaked the design and colors,” Melissa said. “They turned out exactly how the proof looked!”

Custom bike racks promote branding 24/7

custom bike rack

Custom bike rack.

If a town or business plans to add outdoor bicycle parking for their residents or customers, they might consider spending a little bit extra for a commercial bike rack that is unique and relevant to them.

These custom bike racks offer a great branding opportunity.

For one, they are highly visible. Usually outdoor bike racks are placed on sidewalks, in front of businesses, or as in Bellbrook’s case, in the downtown area.

Secondly, these bike racks are built to last. That means in investment in a custom bike rack will be in place for a very, very long time.

The bike racks with the custom logo and message are on display 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. During all four seasons.

Another option for custom bike racks is to order a steel bike rack where the metal tubing can be shaped into different designs. Those designs can range from basically anything with a simple outline – coffee cups, turtles, flowers, dinosaurs, sailboats, mountains, pizza and yes, even bicycles.

That initial expense is certainly much less than renting billboard space or an advertisement on a park bench.

Demonstrate bicycle-friendly towns and businesses

Finally, by adding custom logos to outdoor bike racks, a town or business is sending a message that they are bicycle-friendly and encourage the use of bicycles. This helps promote cycling as an alternative means of transportation.

In this day and age of congested streets and traffic jams, that is a smart strategy.

Encouraging bicycling as an alternative also sends a “green” message to reduce pollution. Many towns and businesses across America today have programs to promote sustainability and reduce dependence on our natural resources.

Pedal power certainly uses zero energy compared to automobiles.

In fact, more and more people prefer to ride their bicycles to work or to shop.

sidewalk bike racks

Sidewalk bike racks in Palm Springs, CA.

The League of American Bicyclists reports over a ten-year period, there was a 43% increase in the total number of bicycle commuters in major cities nationwide. You can be sure this mindset is also present in smaller towns like Bellbrook, OH.

One of the keys to encourage bicycling over driving is to provide an adequate bicycling infrastructure. That would include designated and even protected bike lanes, enforcement of bike safety laws and an adequate number of secure bicycle parking spots.

For example, according to Bicycling magazine, San Francisco plans to spend $112 million by 2021 to improve its bicycle infrastructure. Minneapolis is completing work on $1 million for protected bike lanes. Portland plans to add 24.4 miles of protected bike lanes by 2020.

In 2018, Chicago spent an incredible $53.5 million on bike-related improvements. You can tell that city wants to be known as a bicycle-friendly metropolis. (Also consider the tremendous savings for cities when compared to building new roads or bridges).

Facilitating the use of bicycles is a growing movement. Many cities see the success of places in Europe like Copenhagen where an estimated 50% of the population bicycles to work. Imagine the savings in road construction and the increased quality of life from fewer traffic jams and more bicyclists.

Spending millions or even just a few thousand dollars to accommodate bicyclists is certainly pedaling in the right direction.

Adding custom bike racks and more bicycle parking downtown adds to the bicycle-friendly movement in cities that will continue to grow.










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