Dog Park Equipment Added To Apartment Community As Part Of Growing New Trend

dog park equipment

Dog park equipment recently added to an apartment community.

Dog Park Equipment is now becoming a hot commodity to add to apartment complexes.

For example, the British Woods Apartments in Oak Ridge, TN, just installed a variety of dog agility equipment to accommodate residents who own dogs.

Adding a dog park agility equipment is smart, for several reasons:

  1. More Americans than ever own dogs. According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, 37% of American households own a dog. That’s 69 million dogs. (There are 74 million cats).
  2. Dog need to run and jump. According to PetMD, dogs need from 30 minutes to two hours of activity every day. (Depends on the breed).
  3. If dogs don’t run and jump, they get anxious.
  4. When they get anxious, they could get involved in destructive activity. Such as eating the couch or chewing on the remote.
  5. Adding dog park equipment is super easy. In fact, we sell dog park kits with a full array of fun dog playground equipment.
  6. Multi-family community owners can use the presence of dog park equipment as an attractive amenity to promote to prospective tenants.
  7. Dog owners, in general, love to treat their dogs to fun times. (Especially since many owners are away all day at work and know their dogs need both physical and mental activity).
  8. A tired dog is a happy dog. A happy dog makes for a happy resident.

The British Woods Apartments installed:

  • Doggie crawl
  • Paws table
  • Basic Paw and Bone Bench – remember the owners need a place to sit too. These cut benches have paw and bone art laser-cut into the metal to blend with the dog park theme.
  • Fire hydrant – come on, what dog doesn’t love this?
dog park kits

Dog park kits come with a full array of dog playground equipment at a discounted price.

Dog park equipment built for the outdoors

There are other options out there as well. They include:

  • Teeter Totters
  • Hoop Jumps
  • King of the Hill ramps
  • Rover Jump Over hurdles
  • Stepping Paws
  • Weave Posts
  • Dog Walks (ramps)

When you add dog park equipment, there are a few other items you should consider:

  • Doggie waste bag dispenser. This is a must. Who wants a mess?
  • Dog themed waste receptacle.
  • Doggie water fountain. It’s hot out there. Dogs will get dehydrated from all this new activity. Give them a way to hydrate. There are also combination human/dog fountains to drench the owner’s thirst too.
  • Dog themed bench

(See all of our dog park equipment here).

The dog park products offered by The Park and Facilities Catalog are for outdoor, recreational use. They are not exactly the type of dog park equipment you may see in sanctioned dog agility competitions (which by the way, are becoming more and more popular).

Because these products are meant for outdoor locations, not indoor arenas, they are manufactured with durable, coated metal.

Some products will have a special thermoplastic coating that is urine-resistant and paw-friendly so the dogs don’t slip.

Off-leash dog parks are all the rage right now. The Trust for Public Land says the number of dog parks in the US have increased by 40% since 2009. There were 744 in the US in 2018.

That’s because they are popular.

They are so popular in fact, that more and more parks are adding dog park equipment to give all those dogs something to do.

It’s not just parks and recreation departments that are jumping on the doggie bandwagon.

Many private dog parks are now being built.

And as we said, multi-family communities continue to call us to add dog park equipment to their facilities.

Children love playgrounds and playground equipment. Plus, it’s a great way to get outside and enjoy the fresh air and give the children some physical activities.

People across America are now discovering, all those dogs need playgrounds too.



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