Special Offer On Dog Park Equipment – Buy A Kit And Get Two Paw And Bone-Themed Benches FREE*

dog park kits

Dog Park Kits like this one provide a package deal on several components to create an instant doggie agility playground.

More and more parks and other facilities are now providing Dog Park Equipment to enhance their dog parks.

This month, Feb. 20, is national Love Your Pet Day. It’s a good time to take another look at providing this great feature at your local dog park.

At the Park and Facilities Catalog we are seeing a huge and growing demand for dog playground equipment.

Hoops, tunnels, ramps, hurdles, stepping paws, weave posts.

Dog need exercise and pet owners love to see this agility equipment at their local dog parks.

For that reason, we are offering a special deal.

Buy a Dog Park Kit, get Two Benches FREE

Purchase a Dog Park Kit from us before March 31, and we will throw in Two Paw and Bone Benches for FREE.

dog park bench

Get two of these Paw and Bone dog park benches with the purchase of a Dog Park Kit for a limited time.

These Dog Park Kits are the way to go. Our kits provide a package deal on a variety of dog agility pieces you can instantly add to any space and give dogs of ALL SIZES a workout.

As for the TWO FREE Paw and Bone benches, these park benches are coated with a hardy thermoplastic coating that is easy to clean and resists bad weather, UV rays and even graffiti.

According to the American Pet Products Association, there are 90 million dogs in the US.

PetMD says dogs should get from 30 minutes to two hours of exercise every day for their physical and mental health.

Dog owners will appreciate the installation of one of our Dog Park Kits. It gives them an opportunity to exercise their dogs and also teach them commands.

For the dog themselves, many who spend all week stuck indoors, it’s in their DNA to run and jump so they will love the activity and time spent with their owners.

Remember “A tired dog is a happy (or good) dog.”

Maxie and Matilda won’t be restless and perhaps decide to tear the couch apart when the owner is away.

Click here to check out all of our Dog Park Kits.

Here’s a sampling of the pieces in some of our more popular Dog Park Kits (Remember, buy one, get TWO DOG-THEMED BENCHES FREE).

By the way, all products are treated with a special CanineCoat designed especially for dogs. That coating is also rust-proof, weatherproof and resistant to UV rays. Surfaces are slip-resistant.

dog playground equipment

Just like children and all the fun things to do on their playgrounds, dogs love dog playground equipment.

Several dog park equipment package deals

Small Dog Kit: this comes with a Crawl Tunnel, Small Hoop Jump, Paws Table and Weave Posts.

Novice Dog Kit: this package includes the Rover Jump Over hurdles, Doggie Crawl, Paws Table and Hoop Jump.

Intermediate Dog Park Kit: this big package includes the Rover Jump Over, Stepping Paws, King of the Hill ramp, Paws Table, Doggie Crawl and Hoop Jump.

Expert Dog Kit: this course contains NINE dog agility pieces. They include Rover Jump Over, Dog Walk, Stepping Paws, King of the Hill, Paws Table, Doggie Crawl, Hoop Jump, Teeter Totter and Weave Posts.

Make your dog park the talk of the town. If funding is sparse, talk to dog owners about conducting a fund-raiser. Raise the fees for dog park

Everybody loves dogs. Dog owners love dog parks. Just like children, dogs will love their own dog park playgrounds where they can run and jump instead of just chasing each other around.

This special offer for Two Free Paws Benches is for Phone Orders Only. Call 800-695-3503 and dial 1 for sales or email [email protected] and we will call you.

*Cannot be combined with any other offers, discounts or previous offers. Does not include the 4-Piece Amenities Kit. Free benches offer ends March 31.

Hurry and get your orders in NOW in time for spring and summer.

With one of our complete Dog Park Kits, instantly transform your doggie space into a super-fun place to hang out this year, for both canines and owners.





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