Miami Beach Creates One Of “Coolest” Dog Parks In Country Complete With Ocean Breezes, Dog Park Equipment And Plenty of Shade

Dog park equpment - paws bench

Dog park equipment that includes Paw-Themed bench near the entrance to fenced-in dog areas at North Beach Oceanside Park in Miami Beach

If you want to see a cool dog park, complete with a full array of dog park equipment, then you must visit the North Beach Oceanside Park in Florida.

“Cool” is the operative word for this park located at 8328 Collins Ave., Miami Beach for a number of reasons.

For one, the park is located on the Atlantic Ocean. Soothing cool breezes come off the water, blow over the beach and make their way to this 36-acre oasis where there are two dog parks.

Secondly, there is an area at the beach called “Bark Beach” designated for dogs. A great place to run and splash in the surf.

Third, the North Beach Oceanside Park is a botanical paradise. There are trees everywhere. And plenty of trees means plenty of welcome shade.

doggy pet drinking fountain

Doggy and Me drinking fountain.

That’s the setting for their great dog parks, located on the street side of the park. (Where there is plenty of parking by the way, another big plus).

Tunnels, ramps, hurdles and resting tables

This is a dog owner’s paradise.

Their dog area is divided into two spaces, one for big dogs and one for small dogs.

People and pets enter through a double-gate entrance at each one.

And, very importantly there is a Doggie and Me drinking fountain right near the entrance. As you can imagine, keeping dogs hydrated is important at any park, but particularly at a park located in South Florida.

From there, owners and their pets can stroll down some winding sidewalks to find a nice, sturdy metal park bench where they can relax in the shade.

To keep the dogs active, the Park and Recreation Department added an incredible array of dog park equipment.

According to the parks department, North Beach Oceanside Park is the northernmost park in Miami Beach and features the only off-leash dog parks for large and small dogs in the north-end of the city.

There was a need for dog agility equipment in this area, as the only other dog park featuring dog agility equipment is located on the south-end of Miami Beach.

“The equipment has enhanced the existing dog park and attracted more park uses by transforming the underused space into an engaging play area for dogs and dog owners alike,” said Daphne Saba with the Parks and Recreation Department.

Rover jump over

Rover Jump Over adjustable hurdles

Full selection of dog park equipment

The oceanside park provides this type of dog park equipment (in both big and small dog areas):

  • Rover Jump Over Hurdles (the bar is adjustable for different size dogs)
    dog hoop jump

    Dog Hoop Jump, with different levels for different sizes and breeds.

  • King of the Hill Ramps
  • Doggie Crawl Tunnels
  • Paws Table – for relaxing and cooling off
  • Stepping Paws
  • Doggie Waste Dispensers with bags (this is super-critical to keep a dog park clean).
  • Paws-Themed bench at the entrance

A dog playground is important for canines. According to PetMD, dogs need from 30 minutes to up to two hours of activity every day (depending on their size and breed).

Dogs were built to run and jump, but they spend much of their time indoors. They need an opportunity to get out of the house and move.

These activities are not only important for physical exertion, but for mental stimulation as well.

Teaching a dog to exercise and play on dog park equipment (with the help of a few treats) is a tremendous benefit for pets. As all we know, a “A tired dog is a happy dog.”

Testimonials from local residents

But don’t just take our word about North Beach Oceanside Park. Here are testimonials by some happy residents that say it all:

“I visit the dog park quite often and my dogs never want to leave.”

“The park area is ideal for letting your dog out, having a BBQ or just enjoy the shade of the trees.”

“Take a blanket, towel and enjoy the beach with your 4-legged friend.”

Dog owners there were so pleased with the new dog park, they got together with their furry friends for a group photo they sent to the parks department. They posted a sign that read, “Thanks to Miami Beach City, We Love Our Park!”

In fact, the local entertainment weekly newspaper, Miami New Times, named North Beach Oceanside Park as one of the “Top Ten Dog Parks” in their readership area.

Let’s face it. People love their dogs. And they love a great space where their dogs can run and play.

But here’s the new reality for most cities and towns. Studies show more households than ever now own a dog.

There are 69 million dogs in the US, according to the American Veterinary Medical Association. (there are 74 million cats by the way).

More than ONE out of THREE households provide a home for a dog.

Providing nice dog parks for citizens throughout a city is now a necessity. Today, an appealing dog park also includes dog park equipment, benches and other amenities. Parks are starting to add this playground equipment to provide an opportunity for dogs to do more than chase each other around.

As you can see, with this tree-filled oceanfront dog park, Miami Beach scored a big win with their citizens.

doggie crawl tunnel

Doggie Crawl tunnel with King of the Hill Ramp in the background.










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