Hey Park Managers: Canines Need Playgrounds Too! Give Them Some Dog Park Equipment to Burn Up Energy

dog park equipment

Dogs enjoy a day with dog park equipment in a designated space.

Adding dog park equipment to a park could make the local park manager a hero to dog owners for one simple reason.

Dogs were made to move. They want to exercise. They were originally bred to work – hunt, herd and protect. They were not made to sit on the couch all day.

Creating an off-leash dog park is one thing. But it’s only a first step. Just like a child needs a playground and adults need a gym, dogs need something to do too.

And if they don’t get some sort of exercise, just like people, they can revert to practicing some pretty bad habits.

For example, according the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, there are several benefits to keeping a dog active (okay, what we really mean is wearing Fido out, in a good way).

dogs need exercise

Source: Babble.com

Exercising on outdoor dog play equipment can prevent:

Chewing – Rex thinks, I got to do something all day, might as well gnaw on the cushions, shoes and remote control (see photos).

Rummaging – Sandy is now tired of eating the furniture, maybe a good time to trash the trash cans.

Hyperactivity – just when you come home from a hard day at work, guess who is now ready to jump up and down on the couch next to you all night long? Non-stop!

Rough play – Bo is thinking, if you are not going to take me to the dog park, then how about wrestling on the floor with me for a few hours?

Excessive barking – a worn out dog is a quieter dog.

Loneliness and shyness – hey, sure your dog loves you, but he or she does want to hang out with other dogs every now and then.

Lack of sleep – Rusty is up at three o’clock in the morning. He’s not tired because he slept during the day. It’s time to play!

Overweight canines – hey, Toby lays on the floor all day and eats table scraps. Guess what’s going to happen to Toby’s girth?

Some people take their dogs jogging. According to the ASPCA, be sure your dog is okay with it. Dogs are generally not long distance runners but are more apt for quick, short intermediate bursts. Plus the hard asphalt or sidewalk can hurt their paws. Walking is okay, but then again, it’s just walking.

There is a big movement now in dog park equipment. Obstacles are designed specifically to give Bowser a workout in a variety of ways so he doesn’t get bored, just like humans do.

Some of the equipment includes: hoops, jump over items, teeter totters, paws tables, doggie barrels, steps and ramps.

Simple stuff yet loads of fun. Basically dog playground equipment.

It’s important that all of the equipment is manufactured specifically for dogs. You can’t just throw out a few barrels and bars to jump over. Dog urine can be very corrosive. The

dogs need dog park equipment

Someone doesn’t want their owner to work

product must be non-slipping. Resistant to damaging UV rays. You also need something that is easy to clean. Commercial-grade, thermoplastic-coated dog park equipment is the right way to go and will endure many years of use and abuse by Lucky and Cody. This durable equipment will also be able to withstand abuse by human vandals as well.

When you provide dog park equipment, there are also several other amenities you need to include.

A dog water fountain is essential. Fifi is going to work up a thirst. Don’t let her dehydrate. Don’t let her drink out of other dog’s bowls. That could spread disease.

Maxie is also going to want to poop. So you need a dog waste station with plenty of pet waste bags.

There’s got to be rules for any outdoor dog play equipment. Make sure you post a sign displaying them.

dogs need exercise

Check out Mr. Innocent on the couch

You also need something for the dog owner – like comfortable park benches. One of the great benefits of dog parks is that it’s not just the dogs that are getting out of the house and meeting other dogs. This is a fantastic opportunity for dog owners to get outdoors and meet members of their own species as well.

The American Kennel Club has some great suggestions for adding a dog park and adding dog park equipment. Find some dog owners. Get them to tell their friends on social media. Start gathering signatures. Create a budget. Figure out which dog agility products you want to purchase.

One way to fund the purchase of dog park equipment is to find sponsors and add a plaque to the products or signage nearby. Potential sponsors include veterinarians, pet stores, dog groomers, kennels and plenty of others.

We’re starting to see an expansion of the old “let’s just add a kids playground” mentality in parks. More parks are adding outdoor fitness equipment to create highly-popular “Fitness Zones” and outdoor gyms so people can get a total body workout in a park.

Same should go for dog parks as well. Nearly HALF of all households in America own a dog. Park managers can help the public get their Baxters and Alfies outside – running up ramps, jumping through hoops, burning up all that genetic energy. Here’s a guide to dog park equipment. An active dog is a happy dog. It’s in their DNA. And an exhausted dog makes for a happy dog owner.

To see the ASPCA page on the benefits of exercising dogs go here.

To see a humorous collection of things inside homes that dogs have ruined, go here.

For more information about creating a dog park or adding dog park equipment, click here.




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