You already take your bike to work and around town so how much more eco friendly can you be? Well Mauro Hernandez and Bill Holloway say significantly. They are known for their furniture designs at Masterworks wood and Design; however, they are now making bikes out of “urban lumber”. What is urban lumber? It is the decaying trees found in cities as well as the timber salvaged from fences and homes. They are taking the infrastructure created and dismantled by people and using it to make transportation in an incredibly environmentally conscious way. Not only are they using salvaged wood but also they apply the environmentally friendly seals and stains by hand so as not to release pollutants that spraying would. Don’t think these bicycles are any more fragile than your normal bike, they are just as solid and able to endure the wear and tear of city travelling.

Some other eco friendly bike alternatives include bicycles made from bamboo, which is a highly sustainable material because of its rapid growth (it can grow by up to a foot a day). Bamboo is lightweight and incredibly durable. The Electric Bike may be a more appealing option to those who are not as physically able to use a regular bike, particularly if your commute is rather hilly or rigorous. Electric bikes are battery powered by a motor that can speed up and simplify the idea of biking as your transportation of choice. Another great alternative to make your bicycle purchase more environmentally friendly is to buy one pre-owned. REDUCE is the most critical of the “reduce, reuse, recycle” mantra. By purchasing a used bike you are reducing the consumption of the non-renewable resources that are used in production. A benefit of commuting on a used bicycle is that it is far less attractive to a thief. When you are locking it up at a bike rack it will not be the shiny new bike that appeals the most to bike thieves. All you need to do is spend a little time on craigslist or kijiji and find the right one for you.

Yet another way to increase the miles you spend on a bike is to try the trend of Bicycle Tours while travelling. You can plan an entire trip around Bangkok, Thailand and many other destinations on bicycles. If you’re up for adventures with alternative transportation, stay active and see things in a new way with Bicycle tours. So, for your next bike or if this is your first time choosing cycling as your main transportation think about these options that can further your part in conserving the environment and open you up to new experiences.

About Katie Charter

Katie Charter
Kate Charter was born and raised in Toronto Canada and is now a business-marketing student at the University of Western Ontario. She minors in human geography, which focuses on the social and community aspect of space. She blends her passions for social media, fashion and marketing through her employment and hobbies. She has interests that lie in charity work, which has led her to be the vice president of War Child Canada at her University that focuses on fundraising for the programs in Africa and other places in the World.

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