Industrial Picnic Tables Built With Sturdy Materials And Covered With A Coating Made To Last

industrial picnic tables

Industrial Picnic Table with protective coating on tabletop and seat planks.

Industrial Picnic Tables need to be manufactured with materials that are tough and rugged just like the workers who use them for lunch or during breaks outdoors.

After all, a clean, sturdily built picnic table sends a positive message to employees that your company cares about them and strives to treat them right.

That’s why it’s important to install commercial-grade industrial picnic tables from a reliable supplier.

Here are a few picnic table products to consider:

Coated industrial picnic tables

One of the toughest metal picnic tables  is a thermoplastic coated industrial picnic table.

Thermoplastic is basically a protective coating applied to a metal picnic table. The material is a plastic polymer that is pliable at high temperatures, but when it cools, hardens into a tough covering. A fluidized bath process covers all the nooks and crannies of the metal. Then the plastic is oven-fused to bond tightly to the metal parts.

This creates an industrial picnic table with tabletops and seats that are super-durable, impact-resistant and easy to clean. The hard coating won’t peel or crack.

The surface also repels liquids, even spray paint and graffiti. It can be cleaned with simple soap and water, or a light industrial cleaner if necessary.

Another benefit of the plastic adhering to the metal is that it prevents moisture from creating rust or corrosion.

As you know, constant exposure to the sun’s harmful UV rays will cause materials to fade or deteriorate. But this anti-fade thermoplastic coating is resistant to UV rays. So, the picnic table will retain its bright luster for many, many years.

In addition, mold, mildew or termites cannot harm these tables.

If the table’s exterior is cut for some rare reason, the coating can easily be repaired with thermoplastic powder applied with a standard industrial heat gun.

Another advantage of metal industrial picnic tables is that they can be ordered with a perforated or expanded metal surface. This perforated surface allows liquids to pass through so they will not pool, and spills will not happen.

The frame is usually covered with an electrostatically applied powder coating that also prevents rust and corrosion.

Holding all the parts together is stainless steel hardware that does not corrode and keeps all the parts fastened securely.

To back up the superior attributes of this amazing thermoplastic product, we offer a full 5-year warranty.

These thermoplastic metal picnic tables are an ideal choice for factory and warehouse settings.

industrial picnic tables

Concrete industrial picnic tables.

Concrete industrial picnic tables

Another smart option to choose for industrial picnic tables are concrete picnic tables.

These tables are built like bunkers. In fact, most weigh nearly a ton and must be moved with a forklift.

Strong concrete industrial picnic tables are built with reinforced steel. They are manufactured by skilled workmen supervised by a foreman who is certified by the American Concrete Institute.

(Many times, people refer to these tables as “cement picnic tables.” But cement is just one of the products used in the manufacturing process.)

One of the great qualities of these concrete industrial picnic tables is that they don’t need to be as dull as a bunker.

You can order some of our industrial picnic tables with finishes that are Polished, Smooth, Light Sand Blasted, Exposed Aggregate in either Dura Brite, Etched and Perma.

Those exposed aggregate surfaces can show larger particles in light brown, charcoal, sand tan, dove gray or terra cotta.

The etched particles are finer and available in a smoother look with dove gray, light brown, sand tan, terra cotta, white or slate stone.

For perma, choices include plain, sand tan, dove gray and light brown

(See chart in product spec sheet for examples of each).

Another plus with concrete picnic tables is that they are virtually theft-proof. It would take a very innovative crook with heavy equipment to steal these products. (Although other types of picnic tables can be mounted in-ground or bolted into a concrete pad for security).

Some companies in hurricane or storm areas also prefer the stability of concrete industrial picnic tables.

Recycled plastic picnic tables

One special note. More and more companies are enacting environmentally-conscious policies.

They seek to purchase products that are “green” and sustainable.

Also, when constructing a building, companies may look to qualify for LEED credits.

At The Park Catalog, we see more companies choosing to purchase industrial picnic tables made with recycled plastic products.

For one, the quality of these products has improved immensely since they were first introduced on the market.

In fact, some of our recycled plastic picnic tables come with a 50-year warranty against rot, decay or termite infestation. That is an incredible warranty for any outdoor site furnishing.

Secondly, the recycled plastic picnic tables sold by The Park Catalog are Made in the USA.

The plastic scrap is 100% pure. No cheap fillers such as sawdust are added.

This commitment to plastic purity ensures the plastic planks in our picnic tables are hardy and long-lasting. The material used for the planks will not warp, splinter or crack.

Another big advantage in regard to industrial picnic tables is that these tables are also easy to clean and low maintenance.

Durable and corrosion-free heavy-duty zinc-coated hardware bolts the pieces together to contribute to the longevity of this product.

The frame is built with heavy-gauge steel that is available for some models in more than a dozen colors.

Recycled plastic seat and planks can be ordered in cedar, brown, green and gray for some products but for others there are additional colors available such as white, red, black and blue.

What’s appealing about installing these industrial picnic tables on your grounds is that they can have the traditional appearance of a wooden picnic table.

But as we pointed out, these recycled plastic picnic tables are super-long lasting, easy to maintain and never require sanding or repainting.

Choose durable picnic tables that employees will enjoy using

When it comes to industrial picnic tables, select a quality product with a long shelf life.

Choosing top-grade picnic tables shows a commitment to your employees. These outdoor furnishings help to create a pleasant work environment.

Also, if you are in a hurry, we do have some picnic tables in stock as part of our ParkExpress program.

We can ship many of these products from our warehouse in just a few business days. (However, overall transit time depends on the distance to your location).

If you have any questions, feel free to call our expert staff at 800-695-3503.

Hopefully, you can see, a small investment in a superior industrial picnic table can provide a BIG return on employee morale.











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