Large Commercial Planters Serve Multiple Purposes

commercial planters

Large commercial planters can help provide a welcome display of greenery to make a great impression for any facility.

Large commercial planters have two main applications – aesthetics and barriers.

Let’s start with the latter.

One purpose is to use commercial planters to steer visitors in one direction and away from other areas. But to do it in a pleasant and unobtrusive manner using plants and flowers.

Many facility managers today are also concerned about security in front of their buildings. After all, nobody wants to build a nice hotel, office building or retail center and then have a driver skip the curb and crash their car into the side of the structure.

It does happen.

Some facilities opt to add commercial, heavy-duty bollards to surround their buildings.

But large commercial planters, many weighing more than 1,000 pounds, can serve as strong buffers as well.

That was the case for the EVEN Hotel| Staybridge Suites in Seattle.

“I chose this type of planter to provide a major upscale look as well as protecting the exterior of the building,” said Barry Branson, Director of Engineering and Security Manager.

The EVEN Hotels offer travelers an exciting new concept in lodging that specifically caters to their wellness needs. The company’s mission is to offer a large array of services, so business guests stay mentally and physically fit while on the road.

They do that by providing a mix of state-of-the-art gyms, healthy food in the dining room and unique in-room fitness zones. Stay at an EVEN hotel and you will encounter such welcome amenities as filtered water, scented hand towels, eucalyptus linens, yoga mats, workout videos and inspirational sayings on the wall.

All of those holistic amenities are geared to help guests sleep, eat, work and exercise better. Terrariums and plants are installed throughout the interior of the hotel to bring the outside in.

Large commercial planters for beauty and barriers

large commercial planters

Large commercial planters.

To add a green element to the sidewalk area surrounding the building, the hotel chose large Decorative Banded Concrete Planters from The Park and Facilities Catalog.

These planters are manufactured with reinforced concrete and quarter-inch steel rebar. That’s one tough commercial planter built to last.

And they are built not to be easily moved. The 48-inch round by 35-inch weighs about 1,450 pounds. They must be off-loaded from a truck with a forklift.

These heavy-duty planters are just about theft-proof. Unless thieves have some heavy-duty equipment, it is very unlikely the planters are going anywhere.

Then there are the aesthetics.

Someone might think, how can a massive planter like that look attractive? But it can.

For one, this style for large commercial planters comes with a decorative band, resembling an Egyptian-style motif. There are nine different bands to choose from.

In addition, there are many attractive options for coating materials. Choose from a Weatherstone or Acid Wash finish. Textured colors include brown, buff, charcoal, cream, French gray, gray, green, red and sand.

“The planters look amazing and with the plants provide an enhanced entrance for our guests,” Barry said.

Large commercial planters add a nice accent of colors to any building.

Savvy facility managers can use plants and flowers to create a warm, inviting first impression of their facility.

As we all know, those initial impressions can play a big part in the overall consumer experience. The first sight of a building can set the tone for any hotel, office complex, store, hospital etc.

Attractive flora and fauna can also have a positive impact on employees.

Researchers at a major university found that the presence of flowers at a hospital definitely made people feel more energetic and happier.

When it comes to large commercial planters, there are a few options in terms of materials.

Types of commercial planters

Concrete planters – this is one of the popular styles because of durability and as we said heavy weight and security. (They are also sometimes mistakenly referred to as “cement” planters.)

Fiberglass planters – these lightweight planters are durable, but easy to move compared to the heavier concrete products.

Metal planters – made with steel, but covered with a protective coating that is anti-corrosive and rust resistance.

Wood planters – these provide a rustic look like residential planters. However, they do require maintenance including re-sanding and refinishing.

Polymer resin planters – these are also lightweight but strong and sturdy, similar to concrete planters.

Barry from EVEN hotels also noted, “I chose your company because of the vast selection, colors, textures and sizes available.”

The Park and Facilities Catalog is glad they did and proud to have our products displayed at this innovative wellness-oriented facility.

Whatever your needs, consider large commercial planters for their dual benefits – displays of spots of green landscaping combined with a sturdy barrier to protect your structure.




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