Love In The Aluminum Bleachers – Three Classic Baseball Stadium Proposals For Fans Of America’s Past-Time


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Some couples are choosing to get engaged in the aluminum bleachers at a baseball game for a proposal that hits it out of the park.

Aluminum bleachers are more than just a spot to watch your favorite sports team take on the competition or to cheer on your little league superstar. These shiny metal seats for crowds of 10 or 10,000 are also a popular spot for couples to get engaged – or even tie the knot.

More than a few lovebirds and baseball fans have gotten engaged while watching a baseball game in one of the league’s stadiums. Here are some of the most popular bleacher love stories circulating on the web.

Aluminum bleachers love story: The one (ring) that almost got away

Two major fans of major league baseball were about to get engaged at a Yankees game on a beautiful September evening. Seated in the left field stands, Andrew Fox, a 29-year-old New Yorker, dropped to one knee as the jumbotron zeroed in on the proposal-in-the-making.

Fox’s girlfriend, Heather Terwilliger, looked shocked as Andrew began the proposal. But as Andrew opened the ring box to pop the question, things took an unexpected turn: the ring tumbled and fell from the box, presumably into the bleachers below.

The jumbotron caught all the action and the mishap, and baseball fans seated nearby immediately began to comb the bleachers for the runaway ring. Five whole minutes passed as the baseball game played on. For the fans seated in the same section as the in-process proposal, time seemed to drag on as people used flashlights to search for the lost sparkler.

Suddenly, a glimmer in the pant leg of Fox’s girlfriend caught someone’s eye. Sure enough, the ring had fallen into the cuff of Heather’s jeans. After a huge sigh of relief, the entire section and stadium watched as Andrew successfully proposed to his girlfriend a second time – and she said yes to the cheers of all the onlookers.

The moral of the story: If you’re planning a baseball game proposal, hold tight to the ring or risk losing it into a sea of bleachers!

Bleacher love story: The time she said no

For one would-be happy couple, the result of a
bleacher proposal
was an embarrassing and very public rejection. Or so it seemed.

At a minor league game in Columbia, South Carolina, the grounds crew broke into choreographed dance to the tune of Bruno Mars, ‘Marry You.’ After holding up signs promoting the big moment, the camera turns to a man dropping onto one knee to ask his girlfriend to marry him.

Looking surprised, she begins to shake her head no and then becomes more persistent when he holds the ring up higher for her approval. She whispers something in his ear, grabs her purse, and storms out of the bleachers. Yikes.

The ballpark of Columbia Firefly fans looked on in disbelief as what they thought would be a proposal home run turned out to be a foul ball. Some onlookers even captured the moment on

It turns out, though, that this story has a happy ending. What seemed like a bleacher proposal was actually a practical joke planned by the Columbia Fireflys organization. The couple is happily married and went along with the idea to create a few sparks at the minor league game. Given the media buzz caused by the event, they accomplished their mission!

Moral of the story: A bleacher proposal will attract some attention – be prepared for the crowd’s reaction, whether the answer is yes or no!

aluminum bleachers stadium proposals

Some families got their start after a proposal in the bleachers.

Bleacher love story: The couple that got married on the spot

Many couples get engaged while watching a baseball game from the bleachers, but how many couples get married in the bleachers? At least one couple can lay claim to this fame.

This bleacher love story took a little planning on the part of these baseball lovebirds. Traveling from Oklahoma,  two lovebirds named Tyson and Alyssa, came to the stadium with the expected Cardinals t-shirts, baseball caps, and smiles. But they had packed something else – a St. Louis County marriage certificate and a sign that read: “7 years together – … if there is an ordained minister, we are ready to be married right here!”

Seated in the outfield bleacher seats, their sign and developing story went relatively noticed until the third inning. By then, a marriage officiant had heard of the young couple looking to tie the knot during the Cardinals baseball game.

After a brief exchange, the scene was set and the couple was ready to be wed during the sixth-inning of the game. Two fellow game-goers seated nearby served as witnesses. Taking a spot in the aisle between the bleachers, Tyson and Alysa said their vows as the stadium of baseball fans looked on. The couple was married and the game played on!

Fittingly, the Cardinals won and the newly wedded couple enjoyed a perfect ending to their bleacher love story.

Moral of the Story: Be creative with your bleacher love story. This couple went so far as to tie the knot in the stadium of their favorite team.

Want to have your own bleacher love story? Here’s what it will cost you

Are you planning your own proposal in some aluminum bleachers? If you want to pop the question on the big screen, it will cost you a
– depending on which stadium you choose for the moment.

Some stadiums charge $50 or less for a jumbotron proposal. This is the case at the stadiums for the Reds, Rockies, and Braves. The White Sox and Padres charge just a little more – $55. For a real bargain, you can stage your proposal on the big screen of the Pirates stadium for only $39.

Entering the more expensive end of the price range, the Boston Red Sox will charge you $350 for a Fenway Park proposal. The Phillies charge $450 and the Astros, Rays, Marlins and Cardinals each charge $500.

Then things really get pricey. For $1,500 you can get engaged at the Washington Nationals game with the help of the jumbotron. And topping the chart at $2,500 is the jumbotron fee at the LA Dodgers baseball stadium.

Or, you can just spontaneously pop the question from your spot in the aluminum bleachers and skip the fee. Maybe the crowd around you will react and the jumbotron will pick up your happy moment for the whole stadium to see.

Either way, it’ll be a game to remember as you begin the next chapter in your love story!







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