Metal Picnic Tables And Metal Benches Added To Spectacular Nambe’ Waterfalls Recreation Area

metal picnic tables

Metal picnic tables at the Nambe’ Falls and Lake recreation area. This natural waterfall is one of the most popular destinations in New Mexico.

Metal picnic tables
and metal benches were recently supplied by The Park and Facilities Catalog to the landscape at the incredible Nambe’ Waterfalls and Lake park – a beautiful and serene setting of woods and water.

The Pueblo of Nambe’ is the location of one of the most interesting and popular waterfalls in all of the southwest. This spectacular setting is located at the base of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains in New Mexico as part of nearly 20,000 acres of high desert. Quite an interesting place to find such a vibrant waterfall.

nambe' falls

Nambe’ Falls, one of the most popular sights in New Mexico’s high desert.

The Nambe’ area is one of six Tewa-speaking communities in the northern part of the state.

In 1976, a dam was built above the falls to supply irrigation water to the Pojoaque Valley, which created the Nambe’ Falls and Lake Recreation Area. That area has now become popular for hiking, camping and fishing.

According to Head Ranger and Park Manager Wayne Vigl Jr., the picnic tables and benches were added to replace older park furnishings that were beginning to deteriorate.

“We wanted to give the park visitors a more enjoyable visit,” said Vigl. “The tables and benches are sturdy and look great.”

Metal picnic tables coated with special finish for durability

Metal picnic tables are a smart addition to any outdoor site furnishings. For one, they are easier to maintain than wooden picnic tables.

Secondly, metal picnic tables are coated with a durable, thermoplastic finish which makes them weather resistant. That thermoplastic coating is applied by dipping the metal into a vat of hot plastic, which completely covers the steel, including hard to reach corners and edges.

When cooled, the thermoplastic coating transforms into a tough, hardy, easy-to-clean finish.

With this coverage, the metal is not exposed to the elements which prevents rust or corrosion.

Second, the protective finish is resistant to the sun’s powerful UV rays which after time, can cause the deterioration of wood planks.

These superior metal picnic tables and metal benches will retain their bright, vibrant red color for years to come.

Metal benches and tables built with expanded surface

In addition to the coatings, the metal is forged in an expanded diamond-like pattern. These perforations (basically resembling a web of holes in the surface) have many advantages.

For one, the expanded metal doesn’t allow liquids to pool – so rain, spilled sodas and other fluids will just flow right through to the ground.

metal benches

Metal benches provide a cool place to sit while providing easy maintenance.

Secondly, the openings allow air to pass through. So the metal surface will not become hot in the summer sun.

“It’s certainly exciting to be a company that supplies park furnishings to this amazing attraction,” said Brandon Burres, executive with The Park and Facilities Catalog. “We know these metal picnic tables and metal benches will retain their luster for years to come and will be a welcome sight for families gathering for a picnic.”

Vigil said the pueblo will also be adding more than a dozen 250 sq. in. and larger 432 sq. in. multi-level park grills. That will give visitors plenty of places to cook, including larger grills for family get-togethers.

“We are very pleased with the equipment,” Vigl said. “In the future, we would like to have replaced all of the old equipment with your products.”

The Park and Facilities Catalog offers a large array of metal picnic tables and metal benches for sale. Managers can choose from a large selection of attractive colors – green, blue, brown, burgundy, red, beige, black and Ultra-blue.

The pattern for the metal surface can be ordered in either a perforated or diamond design. The frame is black.

Some of these metal picnic tables and metal benches are in stock and can be shipped in just 1-3 days with the company’s ParkExpress quick ship program.



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