Permanent Grills In Larger Sizes Provide Quicker Turnaround At Busy Parks And Campgrounds

permanent grills

Now that more than 80 million Americans say they like to barbecue, it’s smart to add larger grills to parks and campgrounds so pitmasters can cook more food faster and free up the grills.

Permanent grills are now a necessity more than ever at parks, campsites and private outdoor facilities.

But do you have enough grills to handle the demand?

Because here’s a staggering statistic – nearly 80 million Americans have used an outdoor grill in the past year, according to the US Census.

That’s a whole bunch of folks.

Sure, many of them have their own gas or charcoal grills at home.

But there is a big segment of the population who like to cook outdoors on park charcoal grills with a large gathering of friends and family members.

And of course, when camping, you have no choice but to grill, unless you can subsist on granola bars. Heck, cooking on a grill or over a fire ring is one of the best parts of camping!

The demand for grills at some city parks has gotten so intense, that people have to reserve them in advance and in many instances, there is a time limit for their use.

Who wants to have a backlog of angry, waiting pitmasters at their park or campsite?

And a bunch of hungry people waiting for their Memphis, KC, Texas or Carolina-style BBQ?


The solution – not only add more permanent grills, but add larger ones as well. (The more cooking are, the faster those pitmasters can feed all those people and allow someone else to use that grill).

Here are a few permanent grills to consider:

permanent grill

Surface Mount Triple Outdoor Grill

Surface Mount Triple Outdoor Grills – this grill, with a whopping 8 ¼ square feet of grilling area is the granddaddy of commercial charcoal grills.

This barbecue bad boy has three separated grates so you can cook juicy steaks on one, a vegetable medley on another and hot dogs on the third one. There are different levels for grill height adjusted by coil wire handles that stay cool to the touch. This grill is surface mounted.

permanent grill

Bi-Level Group Grill with Utility Shelf

Bi-Level Group Galvanized Grill with Utility Shelf – here’s another barbecue behemoth with 1008 sq. inches of cooking space. This grill is split into two, so you can adjust one level for steaks and chicken and the other for fish or food that cooks quicker. Or, two separate families can use one grill.

There’s also a utility shelf and the firebox is 3/16” gauge steel with a high- temp coated finish. The grill can be installed in-ground or with a surface mount.

permanent grill

Covered Park Grill with Utility Shelf

Covered Park Grill with Utility Shelf – some grill masters want to keep a lid on their cooking to bake in all those smoky flavors and contain the heat. Consider this monster, a 500 sq. inch covered grill.

This beast has a hardy metal cover that is kept in the tipped open position by a bracket with a built-in safety stop. There’s a handle that allows the cooking grate to be opened for easy fire building and clean out.

It gets even better. This park style grill has adjustable vents on the firebox for draft control and vents on the cover to control smoking.

Even though this is a permanent grill, it can be rotated 360-degrees for even better airflow. The grill can also be rotated to control smoke direction with the lid.

Windy conditions. No problem. Using this multi-directional grill makes cooking a breeze.

That’s the type of control every true pitmaster would love.

Big grills. Medium-sized grills. Small grills.

The Park and Facilities Catalog has them all.

Need a commercial charcoal grill right away? Call us. We have a ParkExpress program where we have some grills stocked in the warehouse that can ship in just a few days.

Want to learn more about commercial grills? See our handy Buyer’s Guide for Park Grills.

All you have to do is click through the TV channels to see the growth in popularity for outdoor barbecuing. Some pitmasters like Bobby Flay, Myron Mixon, Mike Mills and Steven Raichlen have gained celebrity status as BBQ rockstars.

People like to grill at parks. Some do it as a necessity because they don’t have a grill at home. Others like to cook for large groups that only a park can handle. We’re sure there are a few folks who just like to show off the tantalizing smell of their BBQ dishes to their fellow citizens. (If a person does like to grill at home, check out this review article on home BBQ grills.)

Holidays are also big for grilling. That’s when those park grills will really be jammed up.  According to one survey, 63% of those surveyed say they like to grill on the Fourth of July, 60% on Memorial Day after a long winter, and 58% on Labor Day to get some BBQ in before the end of summer.

Father’s Day and Mother’s Day are also two other popular times of the year for grilling. Who wouldn’t want to treat mom and dad to a sizzling New York strip steak or a chicken covered in Sweet Baby Ray’s Barbecue Sauce?

Whatever the reason – there are more pitmasters out there today than ever.

Be sure to add a large selection of wide-grate permanent grills, in-ground or surface mounted, at your park or facility to meet this demand and create a space filled with happy, smiling BBQ-savoring citizens.





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