Picnic Tables Enhance LA Youth Sheriff’s Foundation at Norwalk YAL

Who would think picnic tables could be so exciting? Well we do. One of our favorite experiences as a team at The Park Catalog is getting to hear back from our customers. Sometimes we get a phone call about adjusting a product’s color or size and we are happy to help, reassured by the idea that our customers feel confident enough that we can get them exactly what they need. Other times our customers have great feedback about their experiences with our online order cart, helpful staff, comprehensive selection, or high quality picnic tables.

However, the best contact we get from customers is when we get a testimonial, and especially a picture,  of smiling faces from a successful site furnishing installation. A recent installation of elongated expanded metal picnic tables left the entire office, from accounting to sales, feeling that much better about how our products and our service can help a community.

Saleswoman Carrie Georgopoulos recently shared an email testimonial that included a few pictures and a story about a group of people that are doing their part in trying to make the world a better place.

Led by Sheriff Lee Baca, the Sheriff’s Youth Foundation of Los Angeles County, CA is expanding the worldview of children from the varied, but often culturally-isolated communities of LA. The non-profit organization is comprised of seven programs and 18 activity centers that help better the quality of life of LA’s youth. The local sheriffs are taking action to create plenty of positive opportunities in their communities: from helping to educate at-risk children, teaching cultural tolerance and drug awareness, to athletic-driven groups or after school care and homework help.

Picnic tables at Norwalk Center

Picnic tables help with activities at the Sheriff’s Youth Foundation in Los Angeles.

The open house of their newest center, the Norwalk Youth Activities League, included a new collection of picnic tables that allow the children and group leaders to sit together for a sandwich at lunch, to work through some long division or for arts and crafts, something they weren’t previously able to do.

The center serves around 420 children, aged 8 to 17, on a daily basis and organizing group events was a task, to say the least.

Once the shipment arrived though, the tables were turned for the better. Norwalk’s long picnic tables were enthusiastically assembled by a team of club members and have since been much appreciated by all attendees and managers. The quality product and top quality assembly will ensure that those picnic tables will be a positive, productive gathering place for years to come.


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